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PLEASE HELP!! If not Fibro what is this?
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Deb - November 14

I was just informed by my doctor that the "Syndrome" called Fibromyalgia NEVER causes burning pain in face, hands and feet.
After a multitude of test and more pending, he still has NO CLUE what is causing my pain.
But said in his opinion Fibromyalgia is a mental problem and not a physical one. Does ANYONE else have the burning (Neuralgia)pain in hands and feet? Is Fibromyalgia really a mental problem and not physical? Can all of this pain be coming from my mind? PLEASE if you can help I would deeply appreciate it..
God Bless!


Beverly - October 27

I'd like your doctor to live a day in my body and then say that.

See a Rhuemetologist. They can do a trigger point exam along with feedback that will give you your answer.

I'm so sorry. It's really the pit's when they feed that bolonga that it's a mental problem. There definetly is burning sensations with fibro.


Jean - October 28

Get aRheumatologist. This is a real physical problem that manifests depression and anxiety. Honey, It is real.


Beverly - October 28

Sometimes it feels like there are no answers.
I will seek a new doctor. Thank you. Deb


Jean - October 28

I will seek out a good Rheumatologist. Thank you. Deb


Donna - October 31

What do you do when on an HMO and only 1 rheumatologist is available, and his answer is "lose 30 pounds and then come to me about your pain" (by the way, I am not obese, 20-30 pounds overweight at most). He didn't listen, cut me off after 2 minutes and sent me on my way with absolutely no help. I cried all the way home.


Jean - November 1

there are other doctors out there. Seek a good one. You are the one hiring them.


Beverly - November 1

I also remember crying all the way home when a nuerologist told me the burning in my face was just some dry skin. My self esteem hit rock bottom. When I was finally diagnoised and told me I actually had a condition called fibro I wanted to open a bottle of champagn. My rhuematoligsit gave me a booklet on Fibromyalgia put out by the Arthritis Foundation explaining so much, even addressed to friends and relatives who have trouble understanding why we don't feel good. There is a phone number 800/207-8633 where you can call to get some. I think the isbn number is 835-5230/200. Web site is


Jean - November 2

You are on the right track, you go girl,educate yourself and understand it and then keep fighting it.


Donna - November 2

Thanks for the positive input. I will keep looking for a decent doctor.


Amyloo - November 8

Donna: sometimes HMO's are able to give you a referal to another specialist if there is only one and he does not work. Contact your medical group/IPA and explain. Don't let them blow you off. Write a letter also. Grind, grind, grind. I used to be a patient advocate and helped people do just this. God bless you.


Joni - November 9

I get burning pain on my back when it's at the worst. I feel like I get a fever in my face/eyes a lot, sometimes run low-grade though. My mother gets flushed in the face & it turns red & burns. We both have fibro.


Joni - November 9

I forgot to mention that I can't work with cold meat very well because it causes the burning pain.


nan - November 12

ditto on the burning pain. i get it behind my ears and my face feels like it is on fire. sometimes i actully do have a low-grade, fever sometimes not. i deal with this a lot. it really gets in the way of your day. I haven't heard others coplain much about it. another affirmation that i'm not crazy! i have tmj and thought it could be from that. I'm on my 6th dr. and still not one believes fm exist. They love to perform test that reveal nothing! I've decided to manage my on care thank you very much!


aicha - November 14

it causes pain in the face and mostly the jaw and trust me i have it and my body aches and burns all over that i cant walk anymore! you should tell that******of a doctor to read about it on there own website at the nhs! then say its a mental problem! if he refuses change doctor!
heres my e-mail [email protected] if you feel alone or the only person with it! and i know how that can feel to!



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