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:*( ouch!!
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mm30 - September 2

hi everyone, i suffer pains in my hands but today has been crazy. i feel like i have bee stings in every joint. it sounds crazy but my knuckles and finger joints even feel more prominent. it feels like i am bursting veins or something.
i had a few glasses of wine yesterday and a late night (it was my partners birthday) so my quality of sleep was poor, i'm thinking it was probably the affect of alcohol on me ( only had two glasses) does anyone else find this. even trying to drive the car today was so painful.
also does anyone know a good natural sleeping aid. i have been using valerian or xanax but these nights they dont seem to be doing much. :(
my doctor wont take me for another five days so prescription wont be an option till then.



Noca - September 2



Fantod - September 2

mm30 - You should stay away from wine. Anything that has nitrates like wine, bacon or lunchmeat will make your pain levels much worse.

Go and buy some melatonin. You should be able to find it at a healthfood store or at the chemists.
I use melatonin every night along with another product called "Calms Forte" to knock myself out every night. Doesn't always work but it does help.

I hope that you feel better soon. Drink lots of water to flush your system. Take care.


mm30 - September 2

thanks fantod and noca.

yes i had a feeling it was nitrates or sulphites in the wine and if im honest they affect my mood too. The next day i take a serious dive down....
do enjoy at the time but so not worth it.

i have drank a lot of water today and went for a walk. i will check out the melatonin tomorrow. i have the kalms for tonight so im hoping they will kick in soon.(its midnight here)

i think i read somewhere also that magnesium is good for joint pain? hopefully a sleep will help.
i also rubbed tiger balm into hands the heat seems to have helped.

Thanks again i know i dont have it as bad as so many of you.


kvc33 - September 3

I take a product called Sleepwell for sleep and anxiety. It has valerian along with other herbs in it. Gravol also makes me drowsy.


Stacey373 - September 3

I'm sorry to hear that you are having a hard time again. I just read your 'friends" post and was hoping that you were still feeling good!

My bottle of magnesium oxide 400mg says it helps...maintain normal muscle & nerve function, maintain normal heart rhythm & blood pressure, maintain bone strength, and body properly utilize calcium & potassium.

Don't know if that helps or doctor told me to start taking it to help with headaches and muscle problems.

I hope you start feeling better soon,(No more drinking wine! LOL) Take Care, Stacey :o)


mm30 - September 3

i know next im gonna be told nothing smiling :D but im not listening. lalala

i got magnesium today so im going to take that tonight cause i read that its good for sleep too wish luck. i just have 250 mg cause i wanted to my doc about it so she can let me know if i can take more. come on tuesday.


mm30 - September 3

meant no smiling. im doing that alot lately


Fantod - September 3

Magnesium is very good for muscle spasms and twitching which is common with Fibromyalgia. It will certainly relax you. Another option that will do the same thing is Malic Acid. Basically the same thing that also comes in tablet form. Take care and get some sleep!


toots2889 - September 4

mm, I dont know what more i can do for you! I already said, Id come and kick your neighbors butt, praying for you daily to find a job, and now your asking me to drink wine for you to, so you wont pay for it the next day!!!! Alright, if thats whats gonna help, you know how i like to help. I will go pick up some wine and have it here so next time you think about wanting it, you can let me know and i'll do the dirty work!! LOL Im the same way, if i drink at all i will pay for it in some way or another. I dont even have to drink now, if im hanging with people who are and up late, I swear i get their hang over!!! Not kidding.


Stacey373 - September 4

OMG Toots! I thought I was the only person who felt like that! I haven't drank in YEARS...but if I stay up past midnight, I totally feel hung over the next day! I always tell my husband that I didn't even get to have fun the night before...but I still feel like hell! Doesn't seem very fair, does it?

And now to give MM30 some "motherly advice"....with all the medications you are on, you really shouldn't be drinking any amount of alcohol! (yeah, I one ear and out the other, right?!? LOL)

Take Care Everyone, Stacey :o)


jrzgirl1 - September 7

I take 3mg of Melatonin an hr before I go to bed, camamille tea also works, but first a warm shower and comfy clothes, nightshirt.


mm30 - September 7

Ha ha ha Toots what can i say :D i sound like a bold child. a rebel :P
actually i am logging on here today feeling a bit relieved i was reading into the possible affects my hormone levels were possibly having on my moods and fibromyalgia. i went to see my doctor today and she has changed my contraceptive pill to a progesterone only pill (mini) and she is sending me to have my vitamin d3 levels checked and my hormones levels checked. i went in expecting her to belittle my thoughts but she was totally on board for what i was saying.
i am not really on any medication other than xanax sometimes at night and my birthcontrol. i find little help from them these days so i have stopped taking and have been taking the magnesium and calms.
As for my house toots i have put it up for rent as of today and so i hope to rent it out while trying to sell.
fingers x'd. i need to move on to somewhere with good karma. my health is my wealth



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