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Oh so confused.......
7 Replies
louise - January 31

Is it possible to have fibro and raynauds both ? I have seen so many doctors, had so many tests done & given up a gallon of blood. Then one says, I have fibro . Ok . I have fibro, so how do we treat it and what can I do to help myself. His treatment was to put me on an antidepressant and give me something to help me sleep. Oh I did feel better,as I got some much needed sleep. But I was still having some problems that my family and friends thought I should look into . ok yet another doctor. But this one spent two hours talking with me about all the symtoms I 've had to deal with and all the tests I've had done over the past year. Then he tells me I have raynauds. Puts me on steroids and increases my antidepressant and tells me to keep warm, especially my hands and feet.ok so now I'm feeling better again. could I have both of these conditions ?


Shirl - January 26

Yes you can have both, I have had raynauds for years before I got fibro, also sjogrens, low thyroid. Keeping warn, especially hands and feet is important,


louise - January 26

no problem , my hot flashes and night sweats take care of that. he said I also have restless leg and maybe RA. I thought I was up to dealing with fibro. taking life as it comes, I'm caring for my aging mother (alone ) and working and I'm, oh boy, beginning to worry how I'm gonna find time for me to get some much needed R&R. and where's the proper line between warm and cold. I like the cold.


Jean - January 27

It is possible. There are many underlying conditions with Fibromyalgia and this may not be the first you may run into others as time goes along. This is a hard and finicky condition and can cause your body disfunction in many different ways. To keep track keep a diary it will help you and your doctor to better regime your medications and what ever else they may need you to do.


Shirl - January 27

I can really really relate to you, i have 2 elderly sisters, 1 I am p.o.a. for but try and help both, I am 71 they are 91, so I'm not a young chick myself, and they don't realize I have any health problems, so I have to keep mum and in good humor while around them, sometimes it is so hard to do when I have either a flare with the firbo or the sjogrens, the problem I had with the raynauds was, mostly in one toe, one winter I almost lost it so now I make sure it stays warm, my fingers will get white and then red, white and blue, but have never had the skin to break open, in the frozen sections of a store they are usually numb and white by the time I get out, Hang in there it takes time to take it all in and get use to what your body is telling you


Louise - January 27

Shirl, this doctor tells me this raynauds problem will be easier come the warmer weather. But at the moment both of my hands , up to, just past my wrists are are swelled and the skin is tight and they burn like fire.& my feet are the same way. They have been this way for 5-6 months. so this started in the warmer weather. I guess I've just seen so many doctors that , well , I'm being to question things .as Jean sugested I'm going to start keeping a diary. I guess I'm just tired. thanks for replying.


shirl - January 31

so sorry to hear about your hands and feet being so swollen and tight. have you tried a good hand creme, it may help to keep them from any breaking of the skin. didn't your dr. give you any suggestions on how to help. Have you tried any of raynauds sites? do hope you can get some relief


louise - January 31

shirl, I'm finally getting some relief. he gave me a steriod shot and some other stuff and it has helped.



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