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lidocaine subcutaneous
9 Replies
islandguy - October 17

Well for those that have some interest in this treatment it is now my 5th day since getting it.
I must say that it has done wonders for me. From spending a lot of time from the chair to the bed and reverse I have actually found some of my life back.
(after many months).
I am almost completely off my meds for the time being and only take tramacet as I need it.
I encourage you to ask your doctor about it. Again it was administered to me at the pain clinic and the dr. might have to send you somewhere to discuss it.
I am told it doesn't work for everyone.....but what do you have to lose when you are frustrated because all your meds aren't working properly.
Will it last? Will a get another flare up that will set me on my backside for a week?
Who knows...but for the time being I'll take the pain relief. Let me know if you have had any treatments with this and how successful it is for you. I would be most interested. My pain clinic tells me that since they started using this method they have had huge success. Take care and good health to all....


JJ1 - October 17

That is great! I fortunately do not have pain severe enough to be debilitating, but it is good to know shoud that ever happen that this could help. I need something to lift my fibrofog and then I will be doing good.


lisa1 - October 17

I am glad your are feeling better. Please keep us updated. I see my pain doctor next month and would like to give her the update on your progress. Take care and good health right back at you!!


sunglo - October 18

Bless you!!!I know you have to be happy about this and thks for sharing..I go to my pain Dr tomorrow and will ask about it!..thks again and good luck to you


Gabbie - October 18

I'm really happy that you are feeling better islandguy and hope that you continue to do so. I am going to look further into this type of treatment and hope that you will keep us all informed as to how you are doing!


islandguy - October 18

Thanks for the great posts. Sunglo please let me know what your pain dr. says about it tomorrow. I will be very interested on "your" doctors opinion on the procedure.
Thanks to is not a cure all but for the time being it is helping me.


islandguy - October 27

Well it has been about 2 and a half weeks since I have had my nervous system frozen with lidocaine. For me it has been working very well. I no longer take a coctail of opieds to try to kill the pain and am down to a few tramacet when needed. Not to be fooled, it only works on the pain. Many of the fibro symptoms do not go away but it makes the rest bearable. I still cope with the fatique and I must recognize my limits on a daily basis because I could easily cause a flare by overdoing. I had a flare a few days ago, nausea, extreme flu like symptoms, aching all over, but the number 10 pain that I was used to reduced to about a 3 or 4.
I go for another treatment Nov. 1, and am wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to discuss this method with their pain doctors?
The process is simple. The same freezing that the dentist uses is IV'd under your skin (in your arm) and the small blood vessels distribute it throughout your nervous system in your body. The dose that they gave me should last 3 weeks. I have asked them to increase my dosage for the next go around as I think,,,,, if some is good, more must be better. And the great thing side affects ! Please let me know if anyone has discussed any of this with their drs.


Gabbie - October 27

Islandguy, I am so glad to hear that the treatment has given you some relief. To find something that helps to alleviate some of the fibro pain is wonderful. A 3 to 4 is certainly much better than a 10 rating for pain. Now, just behave yourself and don't overdo again, so hopefully you can keep those setbacks to a minimum. Very happy for you and hope you continue to do better!


linda brown - October 31

so glad to hear that someone has found something that helps the pain go from 10 to 3=4 i'm in a 10 right now and was praying that i read something that says someone has found some relief in some way thanks!!! i'm going to ask my pain doc about it


InHisSteps - December 13

My husband was on these patches for his athritis in his knee and and I asked my doctor if I could try them so he wrote me a prescription. My trouble is the pain migrates too fast from one spot to another. I would need a body size patch lol. Never actually noticed any improvement in the areas I did use one on though, sadly.



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