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********FYI***************Medication interaction
12 Replies
chowda72 - November 22

I just had the worst weekend of my life due to a medication interaction/allergy. Last Tuesday 10 November 2009, my doctor gave me a perscription for this new pain medication called NUCYNTA(same family as Ultram). I wish I had never taken this Medication. First off it's contraindicated for people who have Hypothyroidism( which I have, guess my doc forgot that, since i was diagnosed with it like 17years ago. I can see how someone could forget that.) It's also contra indicated for people who are currently taking Medications like Cymbalta, Vyvase, and Savella( I take all 3, but thats a minor detail). I ended up having hallucinations(I had complete conversations with someone who i could see and no one else could see. sorry but i'm no ghost wisper), falling down for no reason i have bruises from head to toe, my tongue, lips,& mouth swelled and had sores which made me unable to eat(great for losing weight). After taking the medication for 6days i ended up going by rescue(after my friend found me doing nakid jumping jacks on my bed while yelling and throwing my meds in the air saying look at all the pretty colors.) to the hospital and put into 4 point restraints and given multiple doses of Ativan after suffering 20 plus seizures and trying to rip off my skin cause it itched on the inside. I was able to rip off 2 moles and now am embarassed to set foot into the fire station because oh yeah thats where i work and there is a huge chunk of time missing in my memory.


Canada17 - November 22

Wow. I am so glad you came out the other side! Thank you for sharing your experience.


chowda72 - November 22

i'm not out of the woods yet. i have a few lasting side effects from all the seizures. hopefully they will go away with time.


Noca - November 22

Tramadol lowers the seizure threshold. Its good to take it with an anti-convulsant, I take Clonazepam with Tramadol.


Fantod - November 23

chowda72 - I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience with this drug.

I do, however, want to mention that as far as I know, Savella and Cymbalata are not supposed to be taken together. My doctor weaned me off of Cymbalata prior to trying Savella. I'm going to look into this further as we seem to have several people on this forum who are also taking them at the same time.

Wishing you a very speedy recovery. Take care.


axxie - November 23

Wow, chowda72, you really went for a total loop there. I do hope you will get better, the sooner the better.

First I'd like to say, I don't understand how a doctor can put you on Cymbalta, Vyvase and Savella, together there is major interactions. You will need to sit down with your doctor and be PRO-ACTIVE in your care and list all the medications you take, and tell your doctor which one you are taking, prior for him/her writes a script.

I am sure you don't want to go through all you have gone through another time. It can be potentially fatal.

Now I want to scold you, for not being pro-active and looking up all interaction prior to you getting a prescription filled.

The second thing, is you mention you work for the fire station, don't they you have courses on understanding how medication works.

How come your pharmacist has not told you about impending life threathening interaction.

Third, I'm going to ask you a valid question, here, and I would like for you to be very upfront and own up to it!

Are you doctor hopping or are you pharmacy hopping?

If you are not, then there is a very big problem, ie. with your doctor giving you all these three prescriptions together to take, and if you pharmacy has not at least warned you, then you need to change pharmacies.

I hope you find yourself find, and please don't take this the wrong way, but everyone here, has had interaction, but this one is takes the cake, and if I remember well, I had posted I believe to you, that there was something wrong with taking all these prescription.

Good luck to you



lorieholtz - November 24

first of all u need to listen to what axxie said to you, u might think it sounded a bit harsh, but it was at your best interest. i also noticed you've not responded since she wrote this. first i worked in the medical field for 20 some yrs and one of my jobs was to check with pharmacies to see if a patient was dr hopping and pharmacy hopping. once its found out that you do the pharmacies all will work together and will red flag you when you come in with a rx. i always use the same pharmacy and always stay with the same dr unless he has done me wrong and then i take an active roll and fire him and i actually just did so. he messed me up so much that now when i go to my new dr i have a serve and i mean severe panic attack. i agree with axxie that those meds don't mix at all and wayyy to much. i can't believe that if your going to the same pharmacy that they didn't catch this. when i have any answer about my meds that is exactly who i call cux this is their profession and they know their meds well and when my pharm. doesn't have the answer she looks it up. i can tell u over the past umm 6yrs she has caught at least 3x's meds that don't mix. i too went thru a very very embarrising issue with cymbalta that caused me to go out of my head. i too have been very embarressed as well because it made me someone or something that i wasn't. also i had been on lexapro before going on cymbalta and then my dr cold turkied me off of any sort of anti depressant... which was terribly wrong. my current dr of very disturbed with this matter. then after having to be hospitalized due to the cymbalta in a matter of a few days he then put me on a pain patch which then caused me to have severe side effects, which i should have been hospitalized again, but i have a clausterfobic reaction about hospitals, so i just tried to suffer it all at home. i've always taken an active roll in my health care but since the end of may i had a small stroke and i'm struggling now in doing so, but i know just how improtant it is...Axxie was right on the mark on what she said to you. i know i've come in here and been well what do i say "crazy" lol. just cause the pain is so over whelming to me and it only seems to increase, but i've gotten great adivce from the ppl here and they honestly do care and have great suggestions. just like different vitiamins to try. i've been buy them slowly cause of the price. i wish i culd go out and buy all of them that they suggest. they do really know their stuff about this and they take this very serious. if you are dr jumping then you must STOP that is a very serious thing and also pharmacy jumping as well. you've got to take an active roll in your care and if the dr your seeing isn't doing the job then change. but you need to stay with only one dr. you said something about having bruises all over you, well when i took lyrica i started to have them really bad and its a reaction that can be serious and i had to stop taking it. although i didn't see that as one of your meds, but one of your meds is causing this and it can be a dangerous side effect.. well actually its an allergic reaction and nothing to mess around with. just one last thing... when you get a script filled you always get a paper telling you about the meds. you need to start reading this..if you had you would have seen that the med nucynta was not for you due to your hypothyroidism. start taking an active roll in your care.
tc and be careful with your meds and i hope to hear back from you


Canada17 - November 24

I always ask my pharmacist if a new drug will interact with another one or vitamins. If I should take them at different times or with food.

The advice that axxie and lorie gave is very good, and very important. Please heed it wisely.


chowda72 - November 25

Hi everyone---] Thank yoy for all your responses. First off let me give you some info about me. I have been with the doctor i see now for 2.5 years, I go to 1 pharmacy and one pharmacy only which is rite aid i've been going there for 7 years. the only time i goto another pharmacy is when they have a med on back order and they sencd me to another pharmacy. I had a very long talk with my Doctor yesterday about taking cymbalta, savella & vyvase all together because of the information i saw online. she said that she had done a ton of research, and the benifits out way the risk, brcause the risks are minimal. she also explained that the reaction i had was an allergic reaction, and not due to a drug interaction. she showed me all the paperwork on the research she had done. I happen to be a freak (like my dad) and have odd reactions to medications.

Being a FF/EMT-I (paid voulenteer). I am extreamly aware how important it is to keep a list of important facts about my health at the ready. that would be why i have a blackberry bold phone and on it there is a file that lists what conditions i have, who my pcp is, all my current meds & the meds i am allergic to. infact i have a file for each of my children as well. I have done this for years since not only is FF a dangerous profession, but incase u all didnt know I work full time as a corrections officer. where i am in charge of people who have been accused of everything from jay walking to triple murder, rape and child sodimy.

a little more back ground on me---] when i was 21 and pregnant with my second child, things started to go wrong in the 9th month. in the last 4 weeks i gained 30lbs, i questioned my doc he said it was just water and not to worry. i questioned when my bp was 70/40 while sitting up, and my doc and the nurses oh the baby was causing pressure on my aorta. well on febuary 10 1994 my doctor made a very bad mistake, and it resulted in my sons death. since then i havent trusted a doctor. In fact most of the ones i have seen really hate to see my name on the appointment list. why, lets see, i have made doctors re write perscriptons becaus if i cant read it, then how am i gonna know if the pharmasist made a mistake. i recently went to a specialist for a hernia, the cdoc came in and asked me why i was there. i replied i see we didnt do our homework before class. during the appointment i asked the doc to explain to me about my hernia, after a bunch of fancy words. i replied now that we're done with the vocab lesson could u put that into simpler tearms. he couldnt or wouldnt and i stood up and told him to his face that this appointment was a waste of my fucking time because he was nothing more than a pompus ass. then i left.

one more thing you might want to know. as a child i was raised by a very abusive alcoholic mother who used to beat the crap out of me on a daily baisis. so as far as doctor jumping no i dont and trust me if i wanted "feel good" meds i wouldnt need to pharmacy jump, there are more drugs in the jail where i work than on the streets.

i sat down with my doc yesturday with paper and pen in hand like i do every visit. asked her about the savella & cymbalta(which actually work great on days that there is no bad weather) she researched them both and said that they can be taken together in lower doses. the Vyvanse i was also told is fine again i have to be monitered closly. i am very pro active considering the only reason my doc researched and then tried me on the nucynta, is because i refused to take ocxy's, or methadone, suboxin, fentanol. because i dont want to turn into an addict. i dont want to raise my kids the way my mom raised me.


axxie - November 25

I'm quite happy and relieved that you can take care of yourself, and that you do ingage your doctor on drugs and side affects etc.

I must say I love your humor, we share the same fancy.

As for drugs, I'll know who to ask, if ever I want to make it to out of

At the moment, I'm good, my mind is already out there with the fibro fog.


Canada17 - November 25

aww, chowda72, you're not anymore a freak than I. My doctor thinks I am allergic to narcotics. I often feel anxiety when I start taking a new medication now because I have no idea how my body is going to react to it.


lorieholtz - November 25

nah we all get crazy at times lol. trust me i've had my share. i too am very sensative to drugs and it cuxs the drs to go nuts.. i think they feel like how can one person has so much sensativity, but i have since being a child. i couldn't even take vitimins as a kid they made me so ill. i'm glad that u do speak with your dr and she was able to reassure u on your meds.
tc and have a happy thanksgiving


fancithatt - November 26

Hi I am taking Cymbalta and Salevlla at the same time and I'm not having any problems with it. In fact it is working for me too. I'm so sorry Chowda72 that you had such a rough time with your meds and I hope your doctors find the right medications to help you. Good luck and God bless you



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