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smilinhere - October 8

Im new to this, newely diagnosed, and have questions that my GP seems not to know, and it's ok. On Monday of this week, I felt GREAT, got up, no worries, smilin and the whole 9 yards. Today, Thursday, I could just pull the trigger. I ache all over. This has occured for over the past 6 years, but I just attributed it to getting older. Now, I'm ticked off all these years. Right now my ankles are killing me, is this how it goes? One day fine, the other horrible?????


brooksidefarm - October 8

Actually - yes and no for me. It was like that in the beginning and now aching all the time, with severe flare ups. It takes adjusting, and I am not sure you fully do, listening to others. I felt the greatest in the mountains, and at home in northern IL, terrrible. The humditity really affects me and our best days of the year have atleast 50% of that. What you need to do is try to figure out what relieves you. Hot packs ( has great reusables), baths, stretching, lying down? Figure out what activities drive the pain. For me vacuuming has become my arch enemy, and if I do not have on 2-3 platform type shoes with heels all day, my ankles and feet are almost unusable. Maybe keep a daily log with your pain scale of 1-10, weather and activity notes, included your monthly cycle if you need to, and hours of sleep. After a couple months it may help you see what works best. Also, be sure to sit down with your feet up and relaxed for a half hour a couple times a day. I know - easier said than done, but the recharging may help the pain. Pray. Keep talking and reading here. God bless.


axxie - October 9

One day you feel great and then wham you have been hit with the worst day of your life, except it doesn't end one day after, it can be miserable for weeks before you have another great day. We can all relate. What you need to do is to find what is right for you. Medication helps, I take Cymbalta, during the day, I also take Arthrotec twice a day (similar to celebrex) and I take Desyrel (Trazadone helps me sleep at night).

I drink water like a fish, I eat very little red meat or lunch meat (nitrate very bade for you). I eat loads of fruits and vegetables, legumes, chicken and fish. Do eat tomatoes A glass of wine once in while will not hurt you. Do take a good multivitamin with extra b12 for your day. Use whatever other methods to help you gain control, if it means taking salt bath, or taking a hot shower. Extra tylenol or another kind is fine, as long as you find something for yourself to feel comfortable. I strongly suggest you always wear socks and a scarf (winter is coming and you want to keep your body as comfortable as much as possible.

Some days you might be able to predict bad weather by the minutes especially when humidity, rain, cold, snow etc.

Do keep a diary write in it everyday, how you feel, bad - need to take more tylenol, still felt pain, shooting pain in head or leg. Did not sleep well, woke up with pain or tired. Fibrofog real bad today, etc.

Feet are swelling at night, take tea such as green or white tea, after support it will help you cleanse your body of toxins and you can take a few minutes to recharge and rejuvenate.

Good luck to you and do print some of the medical treatment and bring them over when you see your doctor, both you and the doctor can plan or try different methods to give you pain free.



Desi - October 9


What's Arthrotec used to help?





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