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99% sure I have this condition.
3 Replies
milkymoo24 - July 30

I am so glad I found this site as I am almost certain that I too have this condition. I first got these symptoms... shortness of breathe; anxiety; nausea; headaches; severe mescle pain; chest pain; insomnia... and the list goes on... more than 3 months ago and ended up in the emergency room. They did so many tests on me and concluded I had a viral infection and sent me home. Three monthts later I still suffer from all the above symptoms. The anxiety; pain and insomnia are the worst. I also every few weeks feel like I am just on the verge of coming down with a heavy cold and after a few days the symptoms disappear. I live in Ireland and lets just say our doctors here are sort of a joke. I am fairly sure, by my own research on the net that I have fybromyalgia. Can anyone relate to the symptoms that I have? I am so close to loosing it with the whole intensity of these symptoms I am getting.


Mrs Zozzer - July 31

Hi milkymoo24 My first system was weakness of my left arm and hand (From Elbow down)I also suffer from shortness of breathe headaches and muscle pain along wiv chest pain alot of paion in my shoulders and neck and top of my back so your not alone I was tested for Rhumatoid arthritus but X-ray and blood test came back normal so my Gp & Consultant (He did my Carpul Tunnel on both hands)said it may be Fibromyalgia the worst part with the chest pain is you start to worry if your having a heart attack so that brings on the anxiety. Lucky for me my Gp is so understanding


milkymoo24 - July 31

Hey Mrs Zozzer. Thanks for repyling. I am so glad I found this site as the majority of people think my symtoms are in my head or a symptoms of anxiety. So glad to actually have someplace where people relate to this because I don't know anybody with the same issues as me. I feel like tearing my hair out most nights as my pains are very real. I thought the night I ended up in the ER that I was having a heart attack it felt so REAL. It started with the left arm pain and chest pain, and then the anxiety started. I feel so frustrated with my doctors as they keep sending me home with pain killers or xanax but nothing seems to work. I dont know if anyone else can relate to this but my fingers and toes and shoulders seems to get it the worst. Like a hot stabbing sensation


Mrs Zozzer - August 1

Hi milkymoo24 I thought at first that it was all in my head but I recently found out that my brother suffers the same as me and my dads sister also has Fibromyalgia. My shoulders and arms,chest get it the most I've tried Tramadol for the pain but that shifts it but only for about 10 min. I have to go into hospital in Oct for exploritory work and am getting it into my head that I have a heart condition with this chest pain so gonna go see the Gp when I come back from Scotland. I thought going away in July for a 3 week break and relaxation would have eased thing but no chance. I also am glad I found this site.



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