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General condition
5 Replies
mr nobody - April 7

I suffer from fibromyalgia also depresion
?does this condition cause weight loss


codelancer - May 28

I have the same as you... weightloss depression and fibro


Suzie - September 8

I also have been chronically depressed for a number of years, as well as having fibro.
A complicating factor for me has been yo-yo
dieting,you know,"everything will be perfect
if I could just be perfect" so the last lot of major weight gain has seen the fibro take a turn for the worse. What is that all about?


Janet - February 22

I've had fibro for over 28 years. Weight gain or loss is not a component for this condition. What I think can cause weight changes are the medications we take for the pain. I take an antidepressant which has a weight gain side effect, some of the other can cause weight loss. Narcotic pain meds can cause weight loss simply because they act as appetite surpressants. But fibro in itself doesn't cause weight change.


Mist - February 23

Fibromyalgia is usually coupled with other factors. some people have IBS one side is constipation one is diarea. some people have problems with thyroid some can have sluggish thyroid so I'm thinking with the ups and downs of problems it can cause many problems that CONTRIBUTE to the disease. some may lose wieght and some may gain depending on there contributing factors.


lilly - April 7

Hi mr nobody,
I have fibromyalgia with depression. I also have problems with my weight. I find when the pain is chronic i am to ill to move and get myself some food so i supplement with a nutrious drink with vitamins from my doctor. I try not to totally rely on this but sometimes it's necessary. I'm not sure what suppresses my appetite. My doctor says it could be the sleeping tablet zopiclone. However i feel that the last anti-depressant i was on started it off. I am allergic to every anti depressant i have been on. at least eight different ones to date.Also when i am very depressed i cannot eat. Possibly the two illnesses combined are not good. Also i have arthritis.



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