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Fibromyalgia and massage
5 Replies
Lakisha - February 14

If massage can help in the treatment of fibromyalgia, can it cure it, and which type of massage therapy is the best for it ?


Questa - July 3

There is no cure for fibro- but there are results-- and everyone has different things that are more helpful to them. Sometimes it is trial and error till you find the thing or things that help you the most-My motto is never give up or rule anything out until you have given it a chance!
My most helpful therapies are : prescription drugs, daily massage in my massage chair, light exercise, and knowing my limitations. I am trying something new just today-- and I will share about it when I see changes.
God bless and keep the faith-- whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


javabean - August 31

I had a positive experience with Myofascial massage. It relieved the body pains and helped me sleep better than medicine. I also just feel better attempting massage therapy versus popping more pills. I also find that stretching my lower back daily helps with stiffness. I don't believe it is a cure but certainly helps!


jerrybaby - June 5

I go for a massage about once a month. Make sure you let them be aware of your disease. I would stay away from anything with too much pressure. It took me a numerous amount of massage therapists before I found one who is just right. I go toa chain place, Massage Envy. The reason why I like that is because I did have the opportunity to try different therapists. Just a thought. Good luck on your quest... massage does help immensely. For me anyway.


Mocha47 - July 31

intense pain attacks and give me a few hours of pain-free time but the pain and stiffness comes back in about a day but is less severe.

Gentle pilates, brisk walking for about 15 minutes a day -3x/week has also helped me A LOT when I can stick to it.


Mocha47 - July 31

OoPs my message got truncated.

I found Rolfing very useful but had to be a gentle Rolfer (and that is not an oxymoron:) for my upper back/neck/shoulder/hand/wrist pain. Worked with someone once a week for 2 -3 years that made some lasting differences. It is expensive, though.

Here, I don't know a good Rolfer so I go for deep tissue massage once a month. It takes the edge of intense pain and is useful for temporary relief.



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