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Exercising with Fibromyalgia
4 Replies
lily04 - May 4

I am new to this site, so this is a short history on what's going on with me. I am in remission from Non Hodgkins Lyphoma first of all, 3 months after finishing chemo, I joined an aqua class at our local gym. Was all gun ho about it, but after going to an hour class after not doing anything, I hurt like hell and had to come home and lay down, that's how bad I felt. Did that for a couple of months and decided, this isn't for me, I hurt waay too much and going home and laying down was defeating the purpose of the exercise. I have severe osteoporosis and was diagnosed with the fibromyalgia. I am currently seeing a rheumatologist and taking meds for at night for the pain, and meds for during the day for the pain. I tried taking a Zumba class, the same thing happened, I hurt like hell...I recently bought a Jane Fonda tape, it's her new set of tapes, and I thought well this shouldn't be bad, pain again, it's like will I ever be able to find an exercise with no pain. Pls if any of you guys are going through this, pls answer me back and see what I can do, thanks!


Jocelyn - May 4


We are all going through what you are going through. Fibro pain is awful and exercise is a problem. I suffered as you did. I have Jane Fonda low impact tapes that I used to do a long time ago. When I tried them again, I was in so much pain it was awful. need to take baby steps. If you can see a physical therapist, that would be helpful. They can start you off with easy stretches and then work you up to some muscle strengthening exercises. From there, you can start to take some small walks, then increase the pace and length of the walk. If you cannot possibly see a PT, then look up stretching exercises for firbomyalgia, but you need to start very slow. I could barely walk last winter my pains were so bad even with medication. However, I am now starting to walk my dog again, something I never thought I would be able to do again. Believe me, I'm still experience pain, but at least I can tolerate it with Advil etc.

I's so sorry to her you had Non-Hodgkins disease, that must have been tough. Our family has a history of Hodgkin's disease, but so far I have been okay. But one never knows when an immune system doesn't work well.

Please don't give up trying to exercise, just slow way down and start a little at a time. If you need any stretching ideas and you can't find them online, just let me know. I will let you know what my PT gave me to start with. Deep muscle massages are very good to get all the knots out of the body that cause so much pain.

Keep in touch and stay well!


lily04 - May 5

Thanks Joycelyn, appreciate the advice. My oncologist had asked me what I was doing for exercise, I told him was trying to get walking, he doesn't realize how bad the fibro is, or the osteoporosis, I will tell him when I go back next month, I have to still be in remission, I am nervous already about it. This will be my last 6 month checkup, I will be declared a survivor if everything is clear! I will stay in touch, Joycelyn, and thanks for taking the time to get back with me, have a great Cinco de Mayo, and a great weekend!


Jocelyn - May 5

Your welcome lily04, and you have a great Cinco de May as well. We have family that went to Florida to celebrate.

My blessing and my prayers go out to you. I pray that you are still in remission. I do know how you feel, the waiting and the worrying. My mom passed away from a dissected aorta which is rare and was aggravated by the rare gallbladder cancer that she was fighting. I remember we used to wait for her scans to come back and I was so scarred. I didn't want to lose my mother, she was my best friends.

My mother never went into remission, so I am so happy for you. They have come such a log way with so many different cancers.

Please stay in touch and stay well!


Jocelyn - May 5

And...I forgot to say, most doctors do not know a lot about Fibro and how careful one must be when exercising. It is a balancing act to keep healthy and the pain low.



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