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Exercises for chest and rib pain?
8 Replies
mary - June 2

Hi everyone!

I have costochronditis (the chest pain) with my FM and honestly, until I knew what it was and before my diagnosis,I was really scared! There were times I'd wake up at 3am in agony thinking I was having some kind of heart trauma going on - though I could breathe and could tell I was technically "ok". Scarey!

I'm wondering if anyone else here has tried different exercises to manage this chest and rib pain?



Ginny - October 21

Hi, Ginny,

I woke up this morning with pain in my ribs. Fortunately, I had an appointment this afternoon with my physical therapist. She had my lay on my side and breathe into my chest so that I could feel my ribs rise and fall. I don't know yet if it will help, but I'll sure give it a try.

I've had this pain for years and didn't know what it was until I was diagnosed with fibro. It goes up to my chest and through to my back. I went to the ER with it once, and they admitted me to the cardiac ward. I was there for a week, had all kinds of tests, and there was nothing wrong with my heart. What a relief!

Hope the breathing helps us both.

Good luck,


Judy - December 28

I have the same thing. I thought I was having a heart attack. I was frightened too. Took me a few days to get the courage to see a doctor. They just gave me a painkiller. I now have rib pain too. I don't know what to do about that. They say is it the muscle.


Jean - December 29

You'll have to get the trigger points under control,release them around the rib cage. A physical therapist could help with this but must be gentle and drink plenty of water to rid the waste.


DJ - January 14

I spoke with a nurse on the phone yesterday for this condition. I have had this problem for years and the specialists tried everything including steroid shots in my rib cage. She suggested rolling a blanket or quilt into a long roll, placing it lengthwise on the bed and lying on my back on the roll while using pillows to support my head and knees. Lie there for 10 min. then roll onto side and rest. Repeat this for a total of 30 min twice a day. It lets the chest muscles stretch and open. It is painful but should help in the long run.


Jean - January 15

I've had rib pain also but not costochrondritis. That is an inflamation of the rib and sartilage. Since it is inflamatory I do not beleive it is from the fibromyalgia since fibro is not inflamatory. It states in my book that it can come on it's own or through another condition which seems to be what has happened with you. It is said that it will take a couple of months and then it should start to go away but then there are times it may come back. I'm not experienced in these part so would suggest asking a physician about it to get the right answers your looking for. However ther are friends on this site who will have good suggestions for you it is always best to run it by a doctor even for what I say I would want you to ask you doctor. Hope you feel better.


Ron M. - January 25



Beverley - April 23

I have had this too- in didn't get better with the physio so I resorted to pain relief tablets - Arthrotec75 - they did clear it up in five days which was faster that I expected. I hate taking pain killers but sometimes it is the best way to get some life.


Anne Hillebrand - June 2

First time it happened to me, about 6 years ago, it felt like a big claw trying to pinch out my breast bone. Now we know it's because of the cartilage holding the ribs to the breastbone. It's not healthy. On treatment it gets better pretty quick. Had bulged discs, too. Just were too sickly to do the job.




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