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Are there any runners out there?
3 Replies
Sirri - September 10

I've tried a couple of times to begin running again (after a couple of years). I feel like "electricity" is coursing through my veins when I do, though. Especially when going up hill. If anyone has had this happen to them, did you just toughen up and "run through it?" Or did you just stop? Or? I guess I'm just hoping someone has experienced it and that it'll go away in time! :o)


Gavin - October 15

Sirri, if you have FM, this pain will not go away and in fact as you continue to try and work through the pain your condition will worsen and you'll risk other complications of FM and causing yourself some serious pain. It was running/ training for my sport that lead to my diagnosis of FM in exactly the manner to which you describe plus other symptoms.

If your condition is light enough that you can maintain running, tights (new athletic support type popular at most sportsa stores now) will help force lactic acid away from your legs and lower back and allow to keep running successfully.

If you still experience pain with this support, time to give it a brak and look for alternate exercises.


ratbagradio - May 16

I upped my exercise quotient effectively not by running but buy kickbiking. I found bicycles difficult to sustain because of the peddle push down . So the kickbike gave me "jogging" without the weight bearing. I run a blog about my experiences here:
I may feel terrible at the moment and need to go back on medications but the kickbike was/is a key element in my exercise program )which also includes boxing training ).

Give a kiskbike a try. I stared oin a smaller socoter with 15" wheels. But the Finnish kiskbike changes the experience greatly and you can aways get off and walk along side when you can't kick/push/scoot.

I no longer need a cane to walk around and can do 20 kilometres if I try. --on a good day.


windsong - May 21

I have had this happen as well after having to stop my 3 mile runs a year or so ago. I have been taking long walks instead alternating from moderate to brisk speed throughout my walk. This has allowed me to start running with less discomfort and I have been able to run a little further each week. I have also found the elliptical machine at the gym to work wonders because it gets to muscles back into shape with less impact on the joints. Water is also good for trying to get the muscles back, my Dr recommends walking and jogging in the pool. Hope this helps.



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