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A symptom of fibromyalgia?
6 Replies
Stephanie - September 12


It is pretty certain I have fibromyalgia. I have most of not just about all of the symptoms. I have two questions. Will running hurt me as far as exercise? I know walking is suggested but I run for my heart. I was diagnosed last year with a weakened heart and my cardiologist does not know how it happened.

Another question I have is in regards to how I feel when I walk up the stairs. I have much shortness of breath, heaviness in my chest and my legs are in pain where I sometimes have to stop. I am 35 and when I walk up the stairs I feel like I am 90. I have a good amount of exercise so the only explanation I can think of why this happens to me is the possible fibromyalgia? Can you kindly let me know if this would be caused by fibromyalgi?

I am currently being treat for my TMJ and sleep apnea.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and kind regards,



kat_LPN - January 26

Sounds like your heart is causing the sob and heaviness in your chest. I am a nurse and I'm not diagnosing but simply reccomending urgently you call your doc. Have you ever had a heart cath before where they diagnosed you with clogged arteries? It sounds like your heart and again I stress you get looked at by your heart doc. If I'm wrong then its better to be safe than sorry.


petailk - March 24

HI Stephanie,

It's pretty certain I have fibromyalgia as well. I hurt everywhere, and stairs are awful for me, too. I have shortness of breath, some days worse than others. All my breathing tests are normal, and I had a cardiac cath done last year: absolutely no heart problems. I also have sleep apnea, just recently diagnosed. I'm hoping that getting on to a CPAP machine will improve my pain and shortness of breath. I have been seeing a physical therapist fpor the pains in my knees, and that is helping me a little with the stairs. I have good days and bad days. I hope you're doing okay., and that your heart checks out fine.


Glenys Taylor - April 16

Hi Steph
I am going through a diagnostic procedure at the mo, but I also have had breathing tests and they are OK. Stairs is the worst however. I can briskly walk providing it's a flat even path, but hills and stairs....well!! As for running! I could only say that running would jarr your joints and muscles if you are fit enough to run, and even then you would need a good cushioned innersole to reduce pressure on the joints, and correct your gait. Without that the jolting on already sore muscles would make fibo symtoms worse. I have been told to start slowly and treat any spasm or pain as an injury rather than just the results of exercise, and ice or heat it after the event. You also use different muscles going up the stairs and if you can't get oxygen to them quickly enough that can be as how you feel. I am not a doctor by the way, so don't take my word as gospel at all, but I know it is difficult. I am trying water aerobics at the mo, and that cramps bits I never knew existed!!


linda brown - September 25

yes, the shortness of breath is a symptom, i have it too. but see your doc


Robin1237 - September 27

Hi Stephanie -- I don't think running is a very good idea right now; maybe light swimming might be better. Reason being, I read through all your symptoms and I think fibromyalgia is really Lyme disease, a bacterial infection. When you mention your heart, Lyme bacteria affects the heart in about 10% of Lyme patients, usually the left ventricle. PLEASE!!! -- go read at You can post questions there and people will answer. I believe you are in need of a Lyme-treating doctor now because of your heart issue alone. The Lyme bacteria also use up our magnesium so we don't have energy. We don't have good oxygenation, so our body also hurts from that. We all feel decades older. TMJ is also a Lyme symptom and so is sleep apnea. Basically, all parts and systems are interfered with by the bacteria. Go read and learn about it, and then I am really suggesting to you that you get in touch with a Lyme doctor. The folks at lymenet can do that with you.


Shirl_M - January 5

Hi, I also have more pain when exercising, I don't know about the heart problems, but I do know that when I walk for any extended period of time, my legs start to burn like fire, and have done so for many years, I try to do yoga stretches, and think that like the other woman said you should see a dr about it, as your paid may be from something else, but there is a lot of pain in the legs and other places, much more so that before one has fibromyalgia, hard exercising seems to make most people worse, I was diagnosed a couple years after my youngest daughter was born, I am 50 now and was just 34 when I thought I was losing my mind, I had always tried to overachieve on everything, then the bottom fell out, and I felt horrible. I had to make a new normal for myself. However, in your case I would certainly take no chances with over exertion and see a dr about what this heart problem may be, instead of stressing your body past the limit. you need a specialist to see if in fact you do have fibro, many illnesses mimic each other.. do you also have sleeplessness and stomach problems to go along with the pain? just curious, because I often wonder if the fibromyalgia is not a grab-bag name for many different diseases, and I often wonder if mis-diagnoses might not be more wide spread than we know..



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