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Why is every dr in idaho against pain meds??
4 Replies
AshersMom - August 25

Got off another ten calls to doctors asking if they would prescribe meds for FMS. And every single one says- - with physical therapy and enough sleep i wont need pain meds!!! This f-ing sucks - feels like no one believes im sick


Stacey373 - August 26

I've been to so many doctors I can't even count how many! first of all...I don't think it's a good idea to call and ask them if they will prescribe meds for this. most doctors already think that we are just out to get drugs. alot of doctors don't even believe fibro is a real illness.

I've been to doctors in 3 different states plus I've seen numerous Army doctors. I finally found a Nurse Practitioner in a small town office who actually listened to me and really cared about helping me. she's the first doctor I've ever seen who believed what I was telling her and had no problem giving me any medications to try to help me to feel better.

But even with her...I had to start out slow. basically I had to start at the very beginning of this "process" once again. I've always been treated like some drug addict who is just trying to get pain meds. So I learned over the years to not be too "eager" to get prescription pain meds.

That's what I meant by saying that you are going to have to start slow with this process. if you walk in and ask for pain pills on your first visit...they are going to think you are a "drug seeker" and not give you anything.

Hopefully with a good doctor, if you tell them everything you are dealing with they will go ahead and prescribe you pain meds. But it will probably be mild and not very many pills to start with. but if they are willing to give them to you to begin with, then hopefully they will gradually step up the meds each time you go in and tell them they aren't working or you are taking more or whatever.

I hope this helps you...let me know how it goes. Take Care, Stacey :o)


Noca - August 26

I agree with Stacey, you gotta build up a report with your doctor before getting any pain meds out of them.


Fantod - August 26

Have you tried going to the National Fibromyalgia Association website? They have a list of fibro-friendly doctors in just about every state.

And, I agree with Noca and Stacey373, you have to do your part as a patient. Building up a repoire is very important. If you are looking for narcotics, no one is going to do that without prescribing the standard FMS medications (Lyrica, Cymbalta or Savella)first. Good luck and take care.


AshersMom - August 27

Mr dr has come thru for me... :-) he understands my pain after a very long talk and i have rx drugs now. The power of conversation!! Thanks for all your responses :-)



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