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13 Replies
andysgrace - August 23

Hi.. I'm so tired of suffering thru my FM with nothing for pain. It's getting more than I can take. I can't function normally anymore. I barely can do wife and mommy things. No way could I actually hold a job. I do take methadone for pain management for other back problems ( I was in a bad wreck in 91 which really did a number on me) so i can't mix alot of other meds with that. It doesn't help with the FM that I can tell. I've heard that lyrica has some pretty aweful side effects and isn't the best thing to take. Can someone please tell me what they take and how it works. I'm really at my wits end here with the pain. This morning..I barely could walk around from the pain in my feet was so bad each step brought tears to my eyes. 9 year old hugged me and it hurt so bad I winced away from her. which made me really sad. A hug... a simple hug from my child is too much right now. Something has to be done.


Jocelyn - August 23

You like many of us hear are searching for pain relief. Unfortunately with Fibro, no one reacts the same. Most people find pain relieft through trial and error. Gluten Free foods has helped me a lot. Medication always gave me bad side effects. I am on Advil and Prednisone. Most people that doesn't work for Fibro. I am on it for another disease, Sjogrens.

Try going to the search box and looking up medicines, you should be able to find some post that may interst you, but remember, what works for one, doesn't work for another.

Good luck and stay well.


January - August 26

Hi andysgrace - Jocelyn's right - we are all so different. Do you know what kind of pain you have? If you have back injuries, I imagine you have nerve pain? Do you also have muscle pain and joint pain? These are different and require different treatments and meds.

I personally think you are smart to stay away from Lyrica. It packs weight onto most people and extra weight makes you hurt more. From what I've seen, and what I've read, it is not real effective for about half the people who take it.

I have severe back pain resulting from several issues. I take a low dose of pain meds that helps with that. For the overall fibromyalgia body aching, a very strict gluten free diet completely cured that! For the burning muscle pain, I got lidocaine injections and massage to break up the knots - and now that pain has been cured.

Depending on the type of pain you have, there really are ways to feel better. You have to research, and try different things with different doctors. I also take supplements that help a lot with the joint pain I have developed. One that helps me is called Replenish - it has Bio-Collagen made from chicken bones. I read some research that this is proving to be helpful with some types of arthritis.

I know it is very frustrating to hurt all the time - don't we all! Hope you will do a lot of reading, and find out what symptoms match up with yours the best. Talk to your doctor and try some different approaches. Acupuncture helps a lot of people with pain also! (It helped me.) And jocelyn, didn't you get some kind of laser treatment that helped you?


sachiaiko - March 4

The best thing i have found for ME has been morphine sulfate. Its in a liquid so its absorbed VERY quickly, pain relief comes fast. The downside is that liquid morphine is a fast acting medication and needs to be taken again between 4 an 6 hours. But i'll tell you, i went from an average of 8 or 9 on the pain scale every day, to 4-6 which is a HUGE jump downward in pain since i've started using it.

I have noticed that the AMA recently put out a ridiculous study saying narcotics do not help with fibro - its NOT the truth. In fact i've met very few people who did not experience tangible and life changing pain relief from some form of narcotic.

The "War on drugs" has raged in this country for years now, unfortunately those of us with chronic pain are the casualties of this war. Due to the FEAR of drug seekers many doctors refuse to treat chronic pain. AT ALL. In the state of washington where i live, about 85 percent of the doctors flat out REFUSE to take you as a patient if you have chronic pain and are on ANY form of narcotic.

And the AMA;s totally untrue "research" study about opiods not being helpful is, in my opinion, part of this war on drugs - and t has impacted us terribly.

We, as a community, really need to stand up and make a noise. BEG organizations to do a study to combat the misinformation the ada is circulating. I've been diagnosed for 17 years. Been on forums based all over the world, support groups from every area. I've met THOUSANDS of fellow fms patients and while i've met a TON of people in pain who have never been perscribed opiods due to their doctors fear, i have NEVER met a single person with FMS who, when given narcotics, did not see a marked and drastic improvement in their pain.

my two cents



sachiaiko - March 4


I noticed you said you have Sjogren's, my mother and I are both being tested for that in the up coming months. She and i both have FMS, and severe restless leg syndrom (and not the quirky type where you twitch and no big deal - the type where your screamng and punching your legs for the releaf that a blow has in numbing the nerves in those legs for just a brief instant. Its debilitating. My mom wakes every night with it, walking back and forth in her home just to end that agony. At least once or twice a month she begs us to call 911 cause the pain is so bad, and that doesnt even help cause they cant do anything. Luckily, the morphine helps me ALOT in the leg department. But my mom isnt on morphine and her meds arent as effective against this type of pain.)

Wow, i got off on a tangent - at any rate - back to Sjogrens - is there any info you can offer me that could be of help?

Wish me luck, doctor apt tomorrow sighs: VERY anxious.

Be well,



Fibro2 - September 10

Try NyQuil at night. I feel pretty good the next day, more energy & less pains.


conniehurts - September 15

Sachi I am on Fentynol and dilaudid which keep my pain at a level I can deal with and keep functioning. I am considering moving to Washington from Alaska and was wondering what part of Washington you are in? We are looking at Spokane area. I have a friend their with chronic pain and her dr was very helpful to her. Sadly that dr closed her office due to the coming changes in health care. Now I fear moving!
I agree that opiates are not only the best for pain relief (slow acting like the patches are best so you don't have the up and down relief) but not only do they help the most they are the safest pain killers on the market including OTC meds!! As pain patients sadly fit the profile that drs use for "drug seekers" and with so much of the public fearing opiates because of misinformation we are fighting an uphill battle :-( Good luck to you in your battle!


conniehurts - September 15

Andysgrace, I think the worst part of chronic pain is the fear of being touched especially by those you love, been there done that. I have tire about very drug on the market and hated methadone because it left me doped up and I always got that look from the pharmacists when buying it. A lot of my pain is from fibro but I also have spinal stenosis, bulging disks, degenerative disk disease. I think I have 3 disks that aren't affected from my neck to my tail bone! When I tired Lyrica it caused me so much pain in my hips that I couldn't move without help! It also caused vision problems that didn't go away when I quit taking it! Good luck to you and very gentle hugs. Peace Connie


conniehurts - September 15

I forgot to say that surprisingly the one non narcotic thing that helps me is a very slow walk on my horse for a few minutes. For this I have to have help in case a portion of my body quits such as hands, arms, legs or eyes but the motion of the horse as well as the soothing that just being on a horse really helps. Sometimes the pain is too high for that especially if the barometric levels change quickly. We have to move to a warmer state that doesn't have such massive and quick changes in the weather and that has more weather suitable of riding in and it scares me to death! Besides the fibro and back problems I also have Reynauds and who knows what else. Last winter I got 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my hand falling into a bucket of hot coals and once the temps of my hand and the room got equalized I never felt it again which shows that I also have problems with my nerves. Recently my writ totally quit working for 18 weeks and since "coming back to life" my joints are swollen, often hot and very painful. Sadly the pain meds I take help with my "normal" pain levels it doesn't touch the extra pain. When yo got so much going on and all the dr looks at is what drugs you are on without asking what they are for its impossible to get relief for these. My medical "story" would take a book, since it started in my early teens to tell all, but just know my thoughts are with you all. And yes we need to stand together somehow and get drs to listen to us and quit covering their butts with both hands because of the governmental "war on drugs" and actually treat chronic pain! Peace Connie


Brenda Joyce - April 22

My Dr. prescribed trazadone for me today. I will let you know how it works. I am like you. I hurt all over. I have pain meds but they don't seem to be helping much anymore


conniehurts - April 22

Hi Brenda, I hope Trazadone works for you. For me its like taking sugar pills for the fibro and spine issues. The only combination that has really given me a quality of life is Duragesic 125 mcg/48 hours and Dilaudid 4 mg/3 hours. I wish you the best of luck. Tazadone is good stuff for a lot of people I just have a body that doesn't respond to lesser meds. Actually Trazadone is in my medicine cocktail but for another issue. Even antibiotics I have to take higher doses of! I am 5'7" 154 pounds and they gotta give me enough to put down a horse just to get relief. I wouldn't recommend most of the meds they use for fibro because they don't work and have terrible side effects (for me). Good luck! Peace Connie


Vicki Grant - November 17

What are your doses? I am taking 3 tabs tylenol #3s about three times a day...and the pain in the morning is exhausting...I am considering asking my doctor for 3mg hydromorphone long acting release for bed so that I am pain free when I wake up...Your thoughts?


happyheart77 - November 22

Sachi! hello.
I was scanned ,prodded and had many exploratory ops ,to discover I had severe disc deterioration /arthritis and fibro (scans didn`t reveal that!)..Anyhow ,the specialist said he couldn`t operate on my back ,due to the worst damage being in my spinal column ,closest to the nerves.He then discussed my case with others ,along with my GP ,and then put me on morphine sulphate (Liqiud and zomorph tabs cont).I felt relief for the first time in years!
However ,once in a blue moon I see a specialist at the pain clinic.My last visit they advised me Morphine can exacerbate chronic pain.This p*****ed me off ,as it`s about the only drug I`ve tried that doesn`t give me nasty side effects.
Now their slowly trying to wean me off.The effects ,at an extremely slow rate of 2mgs every 4 months is awful!)..The only thing I would say is ,the longer you`re on it ,the more you`ll eventually need.I began on 5mgs zomorph ,3 xday and am now on (reduced again 3 weeks ago) ,90mgs 2xday!!
I still say it`s the one drug which can bring relief.The tabs AREN`T anywhere near as good as the liquid ,which they stopped first (*switched them to tabs for future reduction!).
They say I`ll be on pain meds the rest of my life (I`m 51).Now my GP has tried Lyrica/gabapentin/cephalexin/and many more I forget!) ALL thus far have caused extreme nausea and often actual sickness.Giddyness visual disturbances etc ,the list goes on!
Now he`s said he`ll concentrate on reducing my morphine ,and ,(Only when I`m comfortably off it .He`s already said it`ll take up to 6 yrs!) ,then he`ll try a new drug again..The pills are the same drug ,but as you so rightly say ,they don`t get into our blood stream as quickly or effectively!
I`m at my wits end.I feel like a guinea pig right now ,as I see my one fibro relief slipping away.I have to say it was MY decision ,but I felt outnumbered by the "pain team"!)..(they don`t call them that for nothing!!!).
Anyhow ,at the moment I`m in continuous pain and ,like you ,just wish I could go back on the liquid and leave it at that.I feel frustrated and totally down.Anyone found anything that helps ,without all the side effects .I realise as a lot of you have said ,that we`re all very different.However ,we do seem to have very similar pain...Thanks..


Quando62 - August 14




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