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rtillery - January 13

Has anyone heard of using suboxone for treatment? I looked it up and all I could find was that is is for opiete detoxin, any help or comments is very welcome.


Fantod - January 13

I googled "fibromyalgia suboxone" and came up with a bunch of sites and comments about it as a treatment for FMS.


ifeelbubbly - August 9

I know it's been 3 years since you posted this, but just in case anyone comes across this I wanted to give some input. I am on suboxone now for fibromyalgia after years of being experimented on with a LONG list of medications. The suboxone is the only medication I have taken that works. I have to take it every day and it does make me nauseous, but I don't hurt. It doesn't make me crazy like the antidepressants. It doesn't make me feel drugged like the pain meds. It just takes the fibro pain away. I actually feel normal. I would suggest anyone with fibromyalgia to try suboxone.


Jocelyn - August 12

thank you for posting your experience. Good luck with the medication, I am glad it works for you. Are there a lot of side effects with this drug? It seems you are tolerating it well, except for some nausea.

Keep us posted on your progress.


ifeelbubbly - August 13

Jocelyn: For the first two-three weeks I stayed constipated, nauseous, dry mouth and I slept real heavy. Now, I just get nauseous from time to time, not every day, and I still sleep real good. So, if you have problems sleeping, it helps with that too. At least, it does for me. I've lost some weight, probably because of the nausea, but I need to lose some anyway. All in all, it has been the best option for me. I don't tolerate meds well, but this has been much easier to tolerate.


Jocelyn - August 21

Thank you so much for your response and I am glad it is working well for you. I work full time and I don't think I could tolerate the side effects and I am sensitive to medication, herbal or otherwise. I guess I will continue to fight this battle the way I am going. I'm not doing bad, just some times too much fatigue.

Thanks again


ifeelbubbly - August 21

I work full time too and have three small kids, so I guess you could say I have two full time jobs. But, the side effects really weren't that bad. I just had to get over the "hump". I'm glad you say your not doing bad. My symptoms had become totally unbearable. And, yes the fatigue still gets me somedays. I wish you luck and maybe you will continue to do well.


Jocelyn - August 31

Wow, you have your hands full with 3 small kids and working full time. I wish you the best. I am so glad this didn't hit until my kids were grown and out on their own. You have a lot to handle.

Best to you always.



My doctor tried to send me to a pain specialist to get Suboxone shots. I looked it up online and it is to wean you off of the painmeds. I refused to do it. I am SO glad it worked for you. But I choose to stay on the pain meds that help me get through the day. I NEED them. Just like I NEED the other meds (sleeping pills, anxiety, depression, etc). They help me get through the day. Again, I am so glad they work for you. Have a Merry Christmas


jamesndebmoore - June 23

i do hope you see this joclyn, what state do you live in and what kind of doctor write the suboxone for you? Also what does of the suboxone are you on? i really want to find a doctor to write the suboxone for me. have you read the research done by ........i think it is stanford university............on Naloxone which is one of the ingredients in suboxone? from what the research is saying it is the naloxone that is helping your fibro. I'd like to hear your opion. Thanks


jordanmakenzie - August 26

I'm on oxycoton, lortab, ambien, cymbalta and lyrica. Sound familiar anyone? Anyway, I went to Chronicity center for fibro. The doc there wanted to put me on Suboxone. However, my insurance would not pay for it because I wasn't addicted to opiums. Yeah, I take one and have for 13 years but not addicted to one. Ha Ha right? Unless, I would say I was an addict, I wasn't able to get them. I work for the goverment and would like to keep my job. right now, Suboxone is only used for addicts. my advice is go to the streets. lol


ifeelbubbly - August 26

jamesndebmoore: I go to a family medical doctor in my area who is licensed to prescribe Suboxone. You can find a listing for the doctors in your area online. I can't remember the website, but if you google it you will come across it. I agree with the research and have believed from the beginning that the naloxone is somehow blocking the pain signals that my body is sending too much of. Why not? It blocks the the effects of the pain meds on the receptors. Makes sense!
jordanmakenzie: I was never addicted to my pills. I could go without them if i wanted to, I just never wanted to. I have too many responsibilities and need the help to get through the day. I work for the government also. You can not lose your job for telling a doctor you feel like you have to have a pill to get through the day in order to actually get the right pill to make it through the day. Insurance covers it and it is illegal for a doctor to call your employer. You don't have to say you are addicted, just tell them you have a problem and you are tired of needing them. I was tired of taking them. They didn't really help. What? a couple of hours at best and then I would feel worse. You do what you have to do, but the naloxone in the suboxone works. That's what I'm sticking with.


jordanmakenzie - August 26

where u on cymbalta or lyrica too? Just wondering what I would be able to get off of. I've tried to get off of cymbalta twice. I was very sick. couldn't do it but would like to. I fought with my insurance about the suboxone. I had my doc write it several diffent ways to get insurance to pay. everytime they said no and it is used for opium addiction. I will try to find another doc but don't think it will help at least not with my insurance. thanks!!


ifeelbubbly - August 27

I was on Cymbalta, Lyrica, Xanax and Lortab when I started the Suboxone. I tapered off the Cymbalta and Lyrica. The lyrica was harder to come off of for me because it made me have restless legs syndrome, but I tapered very slowly and I was fine. The cymbalta made my moods a little more up and down and I was very ready to come off of it. I still take the xanax because of my anxiety but I just take it as I need it which here lately has been daily and mostly in the evening. I tried the ambien but I still woke up several times in the night and would fight trying to go back to sleep. I sleep good now and wake up feeling better. I still get sore but I take a sub and it goes away for at least 6 hours. It works so much better than the pain killers. It even fights the fatigue which is the worst for me, especially working all day and coming home to 3 small kids that are always ready to play. My life is much easier now. It has been a big relief for me. The doctors swore by the Lyrica or antidepressants, but all they did was make matters worse and the pain killers made me a little nauseous and woozy feeling (which scared me around my kids)and then they wore off too fast. I hated taking them with a passion. Not to mention other doctors I would see labeled me the instant they heard I took them. I hated my life then. I was miserable and was becoming depressed and hopeless. My doctor had to write my prescription and treatment up as I was addicted. I never said I was or I wasn't. I just said I was tired of living like this and needed a way out. I didn't care about what he had to do to get my insurance to cover it, as long as they did. I had read all of the research on it and wanted to try it. The first three days I had to pay out of pocket for which was fine with me to try it out first. All it took was one I was sold. I felt so good all day I cried. After that I knew it was worth some insurance company thinking something else. I pay them a good premium every month. They should cover any med I need to help me. I have to work.


jordanmakenzie - August 27

thanks, I think I will try this again. Hopefully, I don't lose my job though. I have a security clearance and i can't be labeled as addicted. I hate my life. i hate going to the doctor and being treated like a drug dealer or addict. I always say "you guys are the ones that put me on all this stuff. Quit treating me this way." No other doc wants to see you because your on narcotics. They don't want to do their job. one more question, "have you been able to come off of the suboxone any?"


ifeelbubbly - August 27

I can understand you being worried about your job, but nobody should be allowed to find out. It would be against the privacy laws and its not like you are some street thug drug addict that has let drugs ruin your life. You do worry about your job. You have a condition that nobody understands. I have actually been told by one doctor that "Fibromyalgia is just something that a bunch of other doctors called something that is merely a lack of excercise". He then told me to excercise 8 days a week 25 hours a day and I would be fine. I left crying and feeling crazy, like it has been all in my head and i'm just some unhealthy fatty. I cried all day until I got mad. I refuse to be treated like that again. I know what works for me. As far as coming off of it, I haven't had any urge to come off because it works and i feel no side effects from it anymore. I did in the very beginning like most meds, but that wore off. I did have to for 2 weeks because I was having surgery and my doctor was afraid the anesthesia wouldn't work which i later found out from the anesthesiologist it didn't matter. The anesthesia they use is not opiate based. I did feel real sore coming off of it and all of the fatigue came back. The last day I felt real restless which could have been the beginning of withdrawal from it, but then I started back on it. One dose and the soreness was better and the fatigue gone. I never feel high. I never feel drugged. I just feel normal. Whatever fibromyalgia does to you neurologicaly, this drug seems to block. I take a seizure med and will the rest of my life for epilepsy. I have just accepted this drug the same way I did that one. I have a disorder that I will always live with and this is what I have to take to feel and act normal. I wish you the best in your decision and your fibro and your job. Life is tough if you let it be.


jordanmakenzie - August 27

thanks again, we have given me the courage to try this again.



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