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Struggling for answers
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[email protected] - July 8

I have had problems with my arms, knees shoulders and neck for years, IBS, anxiety, tiredness and headaches for years and kept going to and from the doctors about my arms as thought its was work related RSI. My doctor has recently said that he thought it was Fibromyalgia but sent me away telling me to continue using over the counter paid relief, which has never worked. I am at the end of my teather, feeling depressed about the constant paid and desperately wanting to find something that will help me to cope with the paid. Does anyone have any suggestions, I feel like I have tried everything. Booked another appt with my doctor but always feel like I am complaining about nothing and want to go with some assertive suggestions. Please help!


Amber - May 4

You have to be VERY persistent try to come up w/ a way to help your doctor picture what you are going through. Print out some info from Fibro websites so the Dr. will have a defenition and common treatment plans.


Cheryl - May 5

Ruth, read my post under General Discussion "FMS Without Neck & Shoulder Pain". Headaches, IBS, joint pain, insomnia, brain fog, chronic fatigue & love of sugar are all symptoms of a systemic yeast infection! Check it out!


Mindy - June 14 may want to talk to your Doc about referring you to a Pain management Doc to see if they can help you with the pain.Also they can do the trigger point injections. i have heard good things about them but i am unable to get them since i am diabetic and my blood sugars would be sky high and my PM doc does not want to do that stating it could make my fibro worse with the high blood sugars


donna - June 16

It's important that you find a dr. that knows about fibro. I too have RSI, but because of fibro, it only gets worse, not better. Stupid me, for years never told my dr. all the pain I was suffering with, thinking I was just a wimp. I finally broke down last year & told her that I couldn't deal with all the pain anymore. She told me it was not in my head, and that it wasn't normal. After some tests to rule out other possible physical problems she determined I have fibro. She put me on muscle relaxants that I take at night only to help me sleep. It does help with the pain somewhat, since my muscles can actually relax to a degree.


karen - July 8

After msny trips to my doctor over the last five years I finally found a doctor who listened to me. She sent to a - I am not sure how to spell it- but rheuomtologist. he can better help you. Please don't wait. My doctor does not think family doctors should be making diagnosis about things they don't specilize in. He will do a series of test to rule out every thing else. Please don't wait. he is the most qualified to help you and please go to a fibromyalgia support group such as this one. You are not alone in this and we can try to help each other here. I hope this helps.



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