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something that helps-Adderall-sorry long, first post
15 Replies
fibroguy - September 14

I've tried every drug my GP, pain doctor, sleep doctor and rheumatologist have suggested for more than 15 years.

I'm currently on 1800mg Neurontin (sleep and pain), 1mg clonazepan (sleep, muscle buzz/tension), Lexapro (doesn't do much) and normal over the counter pain pills. I exercise (gotta motivate myself past the aches) more recently (helps me sleep).

All of these can make me a little buzzed and tired/fatigued (I really don't need more of that feeling), taken as directed, especially during the day.

I recently asked my doctor about Marijuana. We agreed that it may help with some symptoms but since I already am having enough problems with motivation and energy maybe we should try something in the other direction.

He suggested an ADD drug. I guess lots of us have ADD behaviors either normally or after we got fibro.

I am shocked! I got more done in my first week that I had in 3 months. ..And, no buzz, no raised heart rate or BP. Just a little dry mouth (found I get dehydrated/sweat more now).

I also found that if I take 300mg Nuerontin and and Adderall I get a little extra reduced pain with alertness.

I'm just finishing my first full month and probably will ask to up the amount I take (1x20mg XR in the morning) next month. I take a low dose as we were afraid it might effect my sleep but I actually sleep better.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


INPAINDAILYJC - September 15

I was wondering if us Fibro sufferers could try that drug. I have problems with the lack of energy and just not feeling good.
I am in a LOT of pain though. The thing that worries me is the Adderall will give me some energy and I will do more than I should.

So, you have been on it for a month now? Did it cause any problems with your sleep? I already have tons of problems with that.

I am so glad you found something that helped. Contact me back when you can. Thanks!


Stacey373 - September 15

I have to say that I have a problem with taking Adderall for energy. My 2 daughters are both ADHD and my oldest daughter takes Adderall ER 30mg daily.

Adderall is an "upper" and even my daughter's prescription is called (generic form) Amphetamine Salt. The reason this medication works for her and ADHD people is because it does the exact opposite to slows them down. If you don't have ADHD it will speed you up. So basically, you are taking a "legal" form of speed.

This medication is monitored VERY closely. I can't even get her refills the normal way. I have to actually pick up a paper prescription from her doctor's office (sign for it with ID) and then hand deliver it to the pharmacy to be filled. I can't just call in her refills like you can with other medications.

From what I understand, it can also be highly addictive for people who take it for other reasons (Not ADHD). I just want to tell you all this so that you will be very careful if you are taking this medication. Take Care, Stacey :o)


INPAINDAILYJC - September 15


You are right. Maybe this isn't a good idea for me. I know that I need an UPPER for energy but I sure don't need to go through more medications that are monitored and hard to get. My morphine and xanax/ativan are like that. I have to go to the doc and get them and take them to get filled.

I will have to look into that. How are you doing? Have you been feeling okay?

I am still on the rough road. The pain in the lower back is now spreading through my body. I am working 8 hours more a week than normal. I am extremely tired, yet lay in the bed for hours before I go to sleep... Help me! lol I feel like I am losing my mind!


Stacey373 - September 15

Oh Honey, I'm so sorry. I really wish I could do something to help you get some sleep. What are you taking for that? What does your doctor say about this? I think you can get tolerant really fast to Xanax and it quits working after awhile. Maybe you can talk to your doctor about giving you something else to try.

The only thing I take for sleeping is Flexeril and some Nyquil cough or OTC sleeping pills and Nyquil cough. I have to keep going back and forth because I get immune and they stop working after a while. Is there any way for you to get some marijuana? I know alot of people are against this...but it really does help to settle your mind and body down and get some sleep. I don't know...Might be something for you to try.

As for energy? I know most of us would love to find something that would give us some energy and not feel so exhausted all the time. I don't know...maybe Adderall does work good for that. I just worry...there's a reason for why it's such a controlled substance and like I said is basically a "legal" speed. I have to admit, I've thought a few times over the years to try one of my daughter's pills and see what it does. (mostly because my husband swears I have ADHD and I always wondered if the pill would help me with that) Of course, I would NEVER take my kid's medications...but it has crossed my mind to try anything that might give me even a little more energy!

Are you taking Vitamin D? Or any other vitamins? I think vitamin D might help and even Vitamin B to give you a little more energy. Probably not much, but even a little is better than nothing.

I'm thinking that I will talk to my doctor about the Adderall and see what she has to say about it. I totally trust what she says and I wonder if this might be something new that the doctors are prescribing Fibro people. I'm also a little curious to find out what she thinks about it!

Anyways...I hope you can get all your problems figured out. You really need to get some good sleep so you can feel better and take care of your daughter. I know if I don't sleep well or don't sleep enough...I completely feel like a zombie and can't function what-so-ever. And you just can't keep going like this, ya know? I'll be sending some good positive energy your way...Take Care, Stacey :o)


fibroguy - September 15

My question was where anyone with fibromyalgia had had personal experience using Adderall

My doctor suggested that I was showing typical signs of someone with moderate ADD, unable to finish many started projects, no motivation, sluggish.

And I (and I assume my long time doctor) stay informed about drugs their side effects and interactions. Please don't try an frighten anyone with side defects or abuses when it's possible someone could be helped.


fibroguy - September 15

From what I've read, with a doctor's help, Adderall has been a help for many people with fibro. I don't have any negative effects that I can tell except a dry mouth.

I actually sleep better and I really do appreciate, and my wife too, my ability to not get overwhelmed by an unpleasant or big job that I usually wouldn't complete or even start.

A even exercise a little more and I seem to be sleeping a little better (still not well). I only take 20mg in the morning.


Noca - September 16

I tried Adderall XR 30mg for 7 months straight till I couldn't tolerate it anymore. At first it was the greatest drug to ever enter my body but near the end it was the worst. I was prescribed and took it for ADD-I, and social anxiety. It helped raise my school grades 33 percentage points while on it and eliminated my anxiety. After a while I lost all appetite to eat anything and it altered my taste for the food that I did eat. I ended up getting so sick and depressed while on it that I had to get off. I haven't taken an Adderall XR pill since March 10, 2010.

Hope you have better luck on it.


Stacey373 - September 16

I'm not trying to frighten anyone about using this drug. I just want to make sure everyone knows what this medication is. Which, in fact, it is "legal" speed for anyone who doesn't have a chemical imbalance in their brain that causes ADHD/ADD.

You didn't mention that you possibly have ADHD/ADD. You ONLY said that you were given this medication to boost your energy level.

If you do have ADHD or ADD, Adderall will NOT "speed" you up. It actually slows down your brain (instead of having a hundred thoughts going at the same time) and it will help you to focus on whatever it is your doing (work, projects, school work, etc)

Before my girls started taking their meds (Adderall & Concerta) they couldn't get anything done. They would go from one thing to the next and never finish any of it. you could even see in their writing where the first half of the page was fairly neat and legible and made sense...then by the middle they would lose interest and not be able to focus on their assignment and they were writing sloppy, sideways on the paper, and couldn't write complete sentences.
With their meds, they can focus long enough to finish projects, complete a whole page of work that is clean and nice, even sit down and read a book quietly! Not to mention, all their behavior problems are now almost non-existent.

I agree with Noca about the meds causing no appetite. The Concerta doesn't do this as much as the Adderall. It took my daughter taking Adderall for over a year before she started to get used to the meds and was able to eat regularly. In her case, this was actually a "good" thing. Because of her ADHD she ate non-stop and was very over weight. Once she started the Adderall, we watched her weight closely and made sure she ate 3 times a day and wasn't starving herself. She's been on Adderall for 3 years now and over the past year she has progressively gained weight the "normal" way and amount.

My girls see their doctor regularly and their weight is closely monitored. Their hearts are closely monitored too because these meds can cause heart problems.
The doctor association recently (in the last year) has "required" that people taking these meds have extensive heart monitoring done. I talked to my daughter's doctor and we chose not to have the tests done because we don't have any heart problems in our family history and my girls have not shown any problems in the past 3 years. But there are some doctors who are requiring this.

Like I said before...if you have symptoms of ADHD/ADD then these meds will help you ALOT. The reason these meds are such a controlled substance is because people will illegally take and sell these drugs because they are so much like speed.
I don't want to frighten anyone, especially if you NEED these medications. But I think people should have ALL the information and then can talk to their doctor about this.

I also am going to talk to my doctor about this. maybe this is something new the doctors are trying on Fibro patients. maybe there's also a connection between people having fibro and being ADHD/ADD? (or I guess it would be the other way around! ADHD people getting Fibro) As I said in another post on here, my husband swears I have ADHD and maybe there's alot of fibro sufferers out there that are the same.

I wish you all the best, Stacey :o)


Noca - September 16

Adderall can be used for narcolepsy, ADHD/ADD, inattention/conigition problems due to schizophrenia, and in rare cases treatment-resistant depression and anxiety.


Noca - September 16

Btw if fatigue is your only problem, I suggest you ask your doctor for Provigil/Nuvigil instead. It carries less risks and side effects.


trixiemyrtle - September 30

I am on adderal, but for add, and It just calms me down. I get absalotly no energy from it


Stacey373 - October 1

EXACTLY! Like I said....if you have the chemical imbalance in your brain that causes ADHD/ADD then Adderall will NOT speed you up. It does the opposite to you. But if you don't have ADHD/ADD then it WILL speed you up.

I think I read that some celebrity (Lindsay or Paris....can't remember which one!) just got busted for having Adderall in their purse. She was taking it because it is like taking speed if you don't have anything wrong with you....and she got in trouble for having illegal drugs on her....which was Adderall!

Just thought I would repeat this again with the new post that Trixie left. Stacey :o)


Noca - October 13

Saw my ADD doctor today and for some reason he gave me a whole wad of Adderall XR. I wanted Dexedrine IR tablets but he wanted me to be on some longer acting drug.


thefrizzle - March 15

Fibromyalgia has been a part of my life for the past 12 years, possibly before that time- but that's about how long since it was officially "diagnosed." The long, long search for a combination of medication, as well as the proper life-style changes, is an overwhelming task. It becomes a never-ending tiring cycle that leaves you feeling you've been running around in a circle.
.... and anyone with fibromyalgia can definitely relate to the overwhelming fatigue of doing day to day tasks, with absolutely NO time for running around in circles.

Finding a plan of action that works for you is an epic journey, and often it is one that you have to travel "alone." No one knows you better than you know yourself, and NO ONE, no matter how skilled they are, are nearly as pro-active about finding a solution, as you are.

To make a long story short, I tried many doctors, many medications, and finally decided that I was on my way to becoming permanently disabled. I finally did try Adderall, and I have been taking it for about 5 years, now. All other medication can be thrown out the window, as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to helping the overwhelming fatigue of fibromyalgia. I take 10 mg, either 2 or three times per day. Some days I will take a break from the medication and will not take it. I realize the medication is addictive, but if a person truly has ADD/ADHD and/or fibromyalgia, they are unlikely to become addicted to it. On days that I am off work sometimes I take a break from it, and I've NEVER felt one bit of a withdrawal effect. The only thing is that I feel lethargic and the old malaise comes back, which is followed by the pain.

I am not saying that I never have any problems, but I am saying that through the grace of God, I have found a medication combination that works for me and has given me my life back. I am a school teacher of 20 years to high school seniors, and I have three school age children. So, I feel that being able to perform my job and be an "awake" wife to my husband, as well as a conscious breathing mother to my children, far out weighs any side effects.

Occasionally, I will still have to take something like Ultram for morning pain and stiffness, but for the most part, the adderall has been by FAR the best for all symptoms. I wish more women were aware of this and hope in the future there will be more education and research concerning the correlation between ADD and fibromyalgia.

Instead of feeling like a piece of furniture in my house, I now am a living, breathing, interacting human who is thankful to have my life back. I wish everyone here the best of luck in finding the right combination of meds, etc for you.

Remember, you are your BEST advocate. Dig until you find an answer. I didn't wait until a doctor suggested this to me, I researched until I found a forum much like this one and then I kept reading and reading... finally I suggested it to my doctor and he was willing to let me try it. I haven't looked back!! :-)


kristamarie1122 - January 6

I agree completely with thefizzle!

While I haven't had fibro for nearly as long as most, I have a very strong case of it which started very fast and very aggressively.

One day I was fine, then the next thing I know I have migrating pain to the point where my boyfriend couldn't put his hand on my leg in the car, extreme depression with thoughts of how can I live like this for the rest of my life, (being 24 years old, that seemed like a very long time), along with extreme fatigue and insomnia. I don't think there is a single fibro symptom out there that I don't have.

I have tried so many combinations of medications and of course, thank you fibro, I am super sensitive to most of them! While the Cymbalta helps, the effects wear off and insurance won't cover more than 60mg, and I am not about to pay $400 a month for a prescription

The drs tried adding Neurotin which literally made me a walking zombie because of how tired I was, they tried Tramedol, which made me so stoned, that I could go to work with out laughing for 4 hours and not making a lick of sense talking, which I am in sales, speaking to directors and VPs at fortune 500 companies, so that is important to be able to do.

Finally, the drs suggested adding flexiral and then Adderall and a xanax here or there when needed. For the first time in 11 months, I finally feel like a normal human being!

I realize that medications differ for each person since there is so little medical knowledge in FMS. While people may not agree with taking adderall as an energy booster, for those who have hyperinsomnia from FMS, having that energy can help so much. Not only does it give you the ability to get your daily life tasks done, it allows you to focus on things like work, school, family, friends and not the pain. I don't know about any one else, but if I can deal with the pain if I'm not super tired and wondering how I will make it through the day!

So for those of you wanting to try adderall from FMS and the fatigue, talk to your doctors and see what they think, because I am so grateful my rhumatologiest had me talk to my general practitioner about this!



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