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34 Replies
stephanyb11 - January 20

hi all, my doc is starting me on savella (sp) can anybody tell me about this medicine? how it worked for you? side effects?
thank you


Fantod - January 20

Hi Steph - Savella has been used in Europe for decades. It was approved for use in the US by the FDA last year. Unfortunately, I was unable tolerate it. I do have multiple chemical sensitivities which makes taking medication a problem. It made me hysterical and took about two weeks to get out of my system after taking it for three days. Most people seem to tolerate it pretty well. I am not aware of any major side effects other than what I experienced which was termed "an adverse reaction." Take care.


mamacurt - January 20

I have been on savella for a little over 2 weeks,really have seen no differance. except now I'm not sleeping (again).


Noca - January 20

I don't think its available in Canada. We got Cymbalta though.


mamacurt - January 24

well it looks like no more savella for me, it is not doing a thing for me except making my blood pressure go sky high. so now what?


Canada17 - January 24

The controversial marijuana if you live somewhere you can obtain it legally for medicinal use.

Or, you can try the synthetic version, Cesamet (Nabilone) that you can get with a prescription from a doctor.

I tried Cesamet; for me it did not have the same effect as natural mj and the side effects were bothersome. However, I have multiple chemical sensitivity and pretty much anything non-natural (man-made in a lab) will set me off.


mamacurt - January 25

I live in N.C. so no legal marijuana here.


Canada17 - January 25

You can always talk to your doctor about the synthetic version. It's covered by insurance (if you have it) and it's totally legal and approved by the government.

There have been many studies done on THC and it's effect on pain. It actually does work - they prescribe it for cancer and MS patients; Montel Williams even uses it. It's frustrating that there's such a stigma attached to it. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to alleviate my pain.


mamacurt - January 26

I'll talk to my dr. when i go again.(probley will not do any good). It's hard to get any help now and i don't have a lot of choices for dr.s where i live. it's an all day trip just to get there and back. I don't have any ins.and i'm unemployed until the middle of feb.


stephanyb11 - January 26

mj is not legal in my it will do no good to talk to my doc either...i have been on the savella for a week today and NO RELIEF!! i called and talked to my doc today and she upped my muscle relaxer (baclofen) and upped my dose of vicodin to 7.5/750 so i am praying that i will have some relief real soon!! i am absolutely miserable!!! my emotions are in overdrive today, i can't seem to stop crying.. thank you all for listening to me take care


Canada17 - January 27

While it is not available in Canada, it is my understanding that Savella takes time to take effect; you have to be patient with it. So long as you are not experiencing any adverse side effects, have hope that it will work.

You may also have to consider that the dose you are on my not be enough. You will have to keep pushing with your doctor. Make follow-up appointments and discuss your concerns when you meet. Your doctor can only treat you as thoroughly as the information you give him.

Good luck.


Canada17 - January 28

I goggled "fibromyalgia" with the News tab. I found an article published at abcnews . go . com on January 20, 2010.

The following is the title of the article:

"Group Urges Recall of Drug for Fibromyalgia
Public Citizen questions benefit of pain pill for fibromyalgia, points to blood pressure risks"

"FDA should never have approved Savella for fibromyalgia, and should now immediately undo its error by removing it from the market," states the petition from Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of Public Citizen's Health Research Group.

Company studies of the drug showed 20 percent of patients taking Savella had hypertension, or high blood pressure, compared with 7 percent of those taking a dummy pill. Savella, known generically as milnacipran, is part of an antidepressant class of drugs that have been associated with increased blood pressure.

Public Citizen also points out that the original study of Savella failed to meet the companies' own study goals for effectiveness. Company scientists reanalyzed the study, with a larger population and a shorter time span and recorded relatively meager benefit: 9 percent of patients on Savella significantly reduced their pain, compared with 7 percent of those taking placebo."

Since the FDA approved Savella last January, doctors have written more than 250,000 prescriptions for the drug, according to data from IMS Health.

Seems just as well that it isn't approved in Canada.


AngieB38 - March 8

Hi more savella for me either. I was trying 50MG once a day and it wasnt working. Switched to twice a day and now my BP is going sky high. My primary doc just took me off of it today and I have to watch my BP everyday for two weeks now. Back to square one.


firomama - March 14

i started savella back in oct '09. so far its the only "fibro" med that does work for me.(along side norco and somas). i tried lyrica. back to back bladder infections..? neurontin-nothing, no matter what the dose. there were 2 or 3 more and they didnt work either. so for me, savella is a GOD send. 400mg a day though. thats way high. no adverse reactions. after reading these posts, im a loner. typical w- meds! good luck.


stephanyb11 - March 26

hi everyone, i have not been here for a few months..i was in the hospital with a very bad flare and finally feeling a little better...i am still on the savella 50 mg BID and they also started me on neurontin 300mg BID hoping that the two together will help. I am hoping that with spring getting here and the cold weather moving out my body with start to straighten up a little..:)...i hope you all are doing well!!


Lisa1029 - March 18

I have taken it for 2 weeks. Currently weening myself off of it. In the 2 weeks, I noticed it helped with the pain but the side effects are horrible for me: Extreme nausea,excessive sweating (clothing soaked to the point of changing clothes numerous times a day), headaches and sleeping issues.


Pikespeak - April 20

Hi! Just had my first half-dose last night. Switched from Lyrica because of the weight gain. Did not have a good night's sleep, even with Ambien (LOVE Ambien!). It can cause insomnia (just what we need, right!) but I figured it would balance out with Ambien...not yet! I plan to take my dose earlier (6-8 pm), then my Ambien closer to 10 or 11. Weight gain is not supposed to be a side-effect with savella, but is in the same class of drug. Will keep you posted...



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