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Prescription painkillers exacting deadly toll: study
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Canada17 - December 8

This was published in the Ottawa Citizen today. Any of you who are using Opioids, or considering using, will find this interesting

"Experts call it Canada's hidden drug problem, on that kills more people than heroin overdoses..."

"Deaths as a result of taking narcotic pain relievers, also known as opioids, have nearly doubled in 14 years, says an Ontario-based study released Monday..."

"Most deaths occurred in individuals who were also taking sleeping pills or alcohol..."

"Fischer ... said while data is not available for the entire country, he suspects a surge in opioid-related deaths can be found nationwide.

The study found that all opioid-related deaths, not just oxycodone, in Ontario nearly doubled between 1991 and 2004 from 14 people per million residents in 1991 to 27 per million in 2004.

Prescriptions for oxycodone also soared 850% between 1991 and 2007. Other drugs using some form of oxycodone include Percocet...."

" 'We, in Canada, prescribe or use more prescription opioids than virtually any country in the world, except for the U.S.,' said Fischer.

When OxyContin was introduced in Ontario it was marketed to doctors as a safer, less addictive drug, which the study's author said has been proven false.

In the U.S., senior executives as Purdue Pharma, which makes the drug, pleased guilty to deceptive marketing and were ordered to pay fines in excess of $600 million in 2007."

Canwest News Service


bwelladjusted - December 12

That's why I don't take any prescriptions at all. It seems that everything they insist is safe, later turns out not to be. Maybe some of them could be safe, but I don't really want to be the guinea pig if it doesn't work out!
I live in the USA, and I don't find it hard to believe at all that we use the most opioids...and every other kind of drug, for that matter. We are probably the most medicated country in the world. Yet we have the most chronic illness in the world! Go figure.


Noca - December 13

If these drugs are taken as prescribed, the chance of death is very low. If you ignore the warnings on the bottles and take them with lots of alcohol and die, dont blame the rest of the world, blame your own stupidity.


Canada17 - December 14

It isn't a matter of quantity of alcohol but rather any alcohol at all as the acetaminophen that is mixed with them (because they think increasing the risk of liver damage with deter chronic opioid abuse) creates liver problems when mixed with ANY alcohol. And that did not account for all deaths.

Besides that, many people have the misconception (partly because of their doctors) that when medication warnings state it is not to be taken with alcohol it is because it will intensify the effect, not cause life threatening liver damage or overdose.

They (the makers) say these drugs are safe; they are not. No matter if you take them as directed they are not safe. They are over-prescribed and that makes them all the more dangerous. When so many people are taking something, that creates a false sense of safety and security.

Perhaps it is the doctors who are being "stupid" in prescribing these medications so easily. "Stupid" people, as you call them, put their trust in their doctors and unless explicitly told not to do something, they assume it is safe - because why wouldn't my doctor warn me of the dangers?


Noca - December 15

I don't put my trust in doctors. I'm not on a single medication that I myself haven't asked to be on.


Noca - December 31

Oh and btw, the most deadliest drug isn't even prescription, its OTC Tylenol, the #1 suicide drug in the world. Tylenol in doses over 1000mgs at once or 4000mgs a day(or in conjunction with alcohol) work by destroying your liver and causing liver failure. Sadly liver failure is a very miserable and painful drawn out 2 weeks or so way to die.

As Canada17 said, Tylenol is added to opioids like Hydrocodone and Oxycodone to kill the livers of junkies or would be junkies. Apparently the DEA thinks that a dead junkie is better than a living junkie, such disregard for human life disgusts me.


firomama - March 17

gosh, thats scary. and whats even worse to me is im terrified of 'them' making it impossible to get these meds. while i so get the risk and there are those ppl who shouldnt use them bc they cant control themselves, i rely heavily, yet safely, on norco to help w- pain. ive tried so MANY other meds w- no luck. i dont know what i would do if it wasnt an option. not bc of addiction but pain! also, i HATE the actaminaphen's, tyleno's, ect. it actually seems to get in the way of the effectiveness of the meds. just my thoughts...



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