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Pregnancy & Norco???
5 Replies
firomama - May 10

Im 2 mos along and my OB told me to stay on my norco(7.5 325mg). i take 4-6 a day. less when i can especially now that im preg. My OB said that since i get really high BP when im in pain (ALL the time), that could be really dangerous for the preg. and since i MC in feb. i guess hes being extra cautious. my question is- has anyone here known anyone in my situation(meds & preg). what was their outcome. was the BB ok? i cant find really good info on the net. im just feeling really paranoid tonight. nothing seems wrong. im an anxiety freak. any health info would help. no bashing pls. i feel bad enough. Thx's


Canada17 - May 13

I don't know where you live, but here in Ontario we have TeleHealth. A 24/hr, 7 days/week free phone service you can call to speak to an RN. They are great! Without a GP it's better than treking off to a walk-in clinic every time I have a medical question.

The thing with taking medication while pregnant is that you have to weigh the risk to the baby against the risk to both of you if you stop taking it.

High blood pressure is certainly bad for baby while in the womb. However, when I was pregnant my pain pretty much disappeared and I was left with "normal" pregnancy issues.

It is something that you should keep an eye on and ask for a second opinion if you can. But, I am sure your OB is doing their due diligence and looking out for the health of both mom and baby.

For your consideration, when I was pregnant I continued with the medication I have been taking for pain, stress, anxiety, nausea (especially during pregnancy), and as a sleep aid. There is very limited research and therefore verified information on the effects of the medication on a baby still in the womb. But, my doctor watched me closely and admitted there was no way of knowing one way of the other what "could" happen.

My daughter is the picture of health! She's bright and a very quick learner. She's happy and smart as a whip!

We get so worried when we're pregnant that we may do something to harm our growing baby. We have to remember to heed the advice of our doctor and stay calm. Baby can feel everything you feel, when you are worried, your baby is worried. Smile, take a deep breath, and concentrate on the miracle growing inside you. : )


firomama - May 17

Thx SOOOOOOO much, Canada17. unfortunatly, no clinics here or nurse lines :(



Hello there. I can understand how worried you are. I agree that the doctor has you and the babys interest at hand. I know you can go through withdrawls if you have been on this medication for quite some time. And that is dangerous for you and your child. I am hoping to prevent the withdrawls as my doctor found the Vicodin were hurting my liver. So, they want me to be on something else. Well, I have had the same pain meds for about 2 years. I can't imagine not taking them now. Bottom line is keep in touch with your doctor and I am sure you will be alright. You have to be comfortable and healthy through the pregnancy. Congrats on the baby as well!
Hang in there and know that things will be okay.

p.s. Do no feel bad about needing medication to keep you sane! I know the pain can get overwhelming and can overcome you as a person. You definitely do not want that to happen. Who cares what other people think? As long as your doctor is helping monitor the baby, tell anyone that has a problem to go sc*** themselves. Sorry, I have had a lot of negative reactions for my medication usage. I am going to do what is right for me, not anyone else!


Stacey373 - June 19

Hi firomama!

When I was pregnant I did take vicodine...which I'm sure you know is the same as Norco, just not as's all hydrocodone. I wasn't taking it the whole pregnancy and not on a regular basis. But I did take it none the less.

My daughter turned out just fine! she does have ADHD...but that runs in our family and isn't because of any meds I took while pregnant with her.

Don't know if this helps...but thought I'd let you know that I took the pain meds and my baby was just fine.

Stacey :o)


wintermommy1413 - February 18

Coming from another mom ,I took Vivodin 7.5/500 4 times a day the entire pregnancy with my son.My paranatologist told me it was safe to take with pregnancy. The other meds for FM are more dangerous than the pain meds so I had to go off of those and atleast had the vicodin for pain. He had no withdraw symptoms at birth and his apgars were perfect.My son is now 8 weeks old and perfectly healthy chubby little boy. I wish my PCP was as sympathtic as my paranatoligist I can't get my PCP to give me anything for pain right now while waiting to get in to the ruhmatologist.



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