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Pain Relief WITHOUT Medicines!
5 Replies
RemedyBands - January 26

Hello! I hate to come on this forum and seem like I'm pushing a product, however I want to share a product that has changed my life with Fibromyalgia! The product is Remedy Bands and it has been a miracle for me! I was very skeptical to try it myself, but after I had worn it about a week, I was skeptical no longer! This band keeps my Fibromyalgia pain to a minimum which is such a blessing. I can honestly say that it has taken on average 60% of my pain away... and on good days, about 80-90%! I also have bulging disks in my lower back and because of the band, I've had 95% less pain in my back! On top of the pain relief, I'm sleeping SSSOOOO much better! I get into a much deeper, more restful sleep than I have had in years! Because of the pain relief and better sleep, my attitude and mood seem to be so much better as well! I'm so glad to be able to help others now with this incredible product! My husband and I have been selling them in person and at flea markets for a while but now offer them as well on eBay and also have them listed Facebook. We offer the cheapest price available for this type of technology! Remedy Bands have proven to be significantly better in all areas than all the other bands on the market that we've found including Power Balance and iRenew! If you are interested, please check out our eBay listing!

Remedy Bands really work and to give you peace of mind, we offer a 1 year money back satisfaction guarantee! Thank you so much for your time!

God bless!
Christa Roberts


Fantod - January 26

This board is intended for support not to promote or sell things. I have reported your post to the moderator.


Noca - January 29

I'd like to have forums WITHOUT spam!


Fantod - January 29



pixelmation - February 1

Ummm, did you two who commented not read her first sentence??? You could have just stopped reading, hello! There might be others looking for more natural stuff to get off all the meds...duh!


Fantod - February 3

pixelmation - Respectfully, this forum is intended for support and not to sell products of any kind.

I have been a member of this board for about four years. We often have new people on the board who are desperately searching for cure for this syndrome which they don't really fully understand in the first place. If they did, they would not be considering spending money on stuff like this. I am not at all opposed to homeopathic remedies and use several myself. We support and educate here. If it works, chances are good that we'll tell you about it. There is no place for this type of posting which, as Noca stated so eloquently, is spam.

In the future, please do not use derogatory terms like "duh" to address other members. There is no place for that either. Thank you very much.



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