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Pain mgmt
4 Replies
duhda75 - September 11

I have a question. I am currently taking 10-325 Norco 4x's a day. But, it doesn't seem to even take the edge off the pain. I also take 350mg Somas 2x's a day. I having been doing research, and I have talked to my Dr about taking Kadian (a time-release pain pill) 2x's a day in addition to 2-3 Norcos for the break through pain. Has anyone had and experience or relief taking Kadian? Or my other option is the Fentynal 72hr patch? Any input would greatly be appreciated.


Noca - September 11

I like the Fentanyl patch and its what I use. Currently at 25mcg/h but I'm going to up it to 50 or 75mcg/h next time I see my pain doc.


Lee2010 - September 13

Hi there! I am currently taking Norco 10-325s at 2 pills 4x per day. I also take 3600mg of Gabapentin per day. I have break-thru pain constantly and have to throw in a few extra Norcos occasionally. My brain has a blip - it doesn't process any kind of pain reliever, whether it's opiate based or not. So as a result, when I do take meds, it's pretty much like taking an Advil. I have had Fentanyl patches - two at a time - and experienced nausea, but no pain relief. I've also tried morphine shots, hydromorphone, ultram, dilaudid, and percocet. There are probably more, but I can't remember them right now. Pain is my constant companion and nothing that I take can change that. I have never heard of Kadian and am anxious to hear how it works for you if you decide to take it. I have also been to many docs - Rheumy, Physiatrist, Internist, Orthopedic, Pain Mngmt Specialist (he verified my brain's blip) and an Acupuncturist/Massage Therapist, as well as many rounds of Physical Therapy. Please keep us posted if you use this drug. Every new bit of info is helpful. Good Luck!


Stacey373 - September 13

Hi Lee - I'm also taking quite a bit of Norco 10/325 like you. They barely help me anymore. A while back my doctor gave me some Methadone 10mg tablets to try. At first I didn't like them, so I stuck them in my medicine cabinet and forgot about them.

Last month I was having a really bad day and I remembered I had them. So I tried taking them again. To my surprise, they actually worked pretty darn good! Now I'm still taking the same amount of Norco every day but I'm also adding in 1 or 2 Methadones and I'm feeling a lot better.

Just thought I'd let you know...might be something you haven't tried and you can talk to your doctor about. Take Care Everyone, Stacey :o)


duhda75 - September 16

Thanks for your input.

Lee2010 Kadian is a time-release generic form of Morphine. I am just trying to find the best method of pain mgmt for me. Like, I mentioned previously the Norco 10-325's don't even take the edge off. I need something more potent. My body has a high tollerence to medication. Some days I just don't know what to do with myself because the pain is so intense, and I can't function. The Dr's are so worried about addition. But, I am not addicited i'm in PAIN. It would take alot to give me a buzz from pills. I have done P/T, Acupunture,Massage Therapy, and Kinesology with no relive from any of them.

On another twin sister also has FMS. She is prescribed Methadone along with Darvocet. She says she gets little to no relieve. So, I am just wondering what works for eveyone else.



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