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Pain Control & Management
5 Replies
Diane Walker - February 19

I have had fibromyalgia for 15 years & it has gotten steadily worse. I have had therapy & countless chiropractors--I can't manage my pain by "Mind Control" Anti infamatories do not help. The only way I can do housework or go to a family function is with ESVicodin. Are there any new drugs that are not NSAIDS?


Mist - February 18

I'm on Topamax and it works for me. It takes a while to start working and to build up the dose and i still need my methocarbamol and tylenol 3 when doing something extra stenuous but i function fairly normal with it. Almost to the point where I feel i don"t need meds and taper off just to relize oooops that won't work lol. I do still have bad days though. They aren't what they used to be though.


MissL - February 19

There are so many and it is almost trial and error and working with your primary care physician. What I would tell you may not work for you. By the way anti-inflammatories are not meant for fibromyalgia as they will do nothing.

I am using Cymbalta (anti-depressant) not becaused you are depressed but because they use them for FMS. Xanax for anxiety and sleeplessness. Darvocet, Percocet, Percodan, Ultram, Norco, MS Contin, etc. for breakthrough pain once you can find your major pain control med. Fentanyl at a low dose unless your body is used to opioids. Your body can build its doseage up as you go. I am at 50 mcg right now. It is a patch that is supposed to last 72 hours but most of the time it does not last that long, but you can discuss this with your primary care or rheumatologist.


doll1966 - September 27

Lyrica was just approved in June for fibro. I have been taking it for a month. It has helped some with the tingling, numbness and pain in my legs, but not elsewhere. I just started Norco, which is 10mg hydrocodone with 500 mg acetominophen (a step up from Vicodin ES). It makes the pain level a little more tolerable. My doctor is going to switch me from Lexapro (antidepressant) to Cymbalta in Nov. I'm hoping the combination works.


Robin1237 - September 28

Well. I'm here on this forum because I had FM for 25 years, did all the therapies and chiropractic care and mental attitude practices, like you mentioned, and none of it worked. What worked was finding out last year that I really have Lyme disease, a bacterial infection, from being bitten by a tick, FM symptoms starting shortly after that. I got bloodtested, came back positive, and went around the clock on clindamycin antibiotic(150 mg 4x/day) and the FM pain went to zero in one week. That's what I 'm here for, to tell this story. It was an amazing experience. I wasn't lying down anymore and my family was blown away by the change. Go read at -- I think the answer is that we have a bacterial infection inflaming our nerves and soft tissues and until we treat that, nothing's going to work. Ticks carry Lyme, so do several other kinds of insects, and also it can be tranmitted humanly.


Misti47 - July 28

Try hydrocodone 10/500 with soma 325mg both 3-4 times a day. Topamax is crap, Ultram is crap, Tramadol is crap and NSAIDS will kill your stomach lining.



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