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Oxycodone and Fibro
21 Replies
Renee Gnesi - January 19

I saw an article in January's Reader's Digest that a mother invented a Neurolumen... a combination TENS & Laser unit which eliminated her daughter's severe pain (she was hit by a car). I am hoping that this will be the 'cure' for our pain. For a home unit, it is currently $1,500. But it is new & I can remember when TENS units were really expensive. Wish I could at least TRY it. I live with my TENS on almost all the time, and when I remember to put them on, the Liderderm patches. Then there are days like today when nothing seemed to help. I also found Goalistics, an on-line pain support/management program that looks hopeful. The goal of this website is to help people deal with the mental/emotional issues that make pain worse, which is what someone like me needs a lot more than a antipsychotic drug (which I used to be on). Meanwhile, what makes the pain in my body so much worse is fear for my future & I continuously meet other people who deal with as much pain & more than I do. Finally started my own little 'group'. At least one person who is having a better day will have something encouraging for someone else who is not. Hope everyone reading this will start feeling better, soon!!!!


Lucie - January 25

I read that article too. Was wondering if anyone has heard of or used Neurolumen for back pain? It is new so that may explain the limited reviews and feedback. Thanks all.


January - February 5

I have not heard of Neurolumen - but I have heard of some people being helped by some kind of Laser treatments. It's good to know they are working on new things for back pain. It's awful and it gets worse over time!


sachiaiko - March 4

There is a big difference between Addiction and Physical Dependance.

I would also be a bit concerned about your doctor talking about Kidney failure with such a LOW dose of oxycodone. My first question would be do you already HAVE a kidney problem? 35 years of FMS and never having been put on Oxy sounds a bit strange to me unless you already have a problem that could make oxy unsafe.

If you don't have an existing Kidney problem, ask your doctor why he is concerned? Because that should NOT be an issue on such a very low dose....

And if you decide to try it - understand that the dose is a small one, and most doctors start you low with the intention of raising your dosage. That is normal, its how they find a dose that helps you.

You do have to decide that physical dependance is acceptable to you, however. That is different then addiction. And research studies show that those who have chornic, severe and genuine pain VERY rarely become truly addicted. Because we depend on our meds for day to day quality of life, we respect it, and most of us wish we didnt need to be on meds at all. Statistically speaking, chronic pain patients rarely become ADDICTED, but do experience physical dependance.

Hope that helped.



January - May 20

Sachi - thanks for your post. I completely agree with what you wrote.

There seems to be a push by Big Pharma to eliminate opiate pain medications and switch everyone over to (expensive, patented, highly addictive) neurotransmitter meds. This includes a lot of misinformation in the media about "addiction," and so-called "research" about how opiates don't really work to treat pain.

Of course, everyone reacts differently, and opiate drugs don't work for everyone - but from what I've seen, for most people, opiates treat pain more effectively than most other drugs, and with fewer side effects. They are also not under patent, and a lot less expensive than the newer drugs now being marketed by the pharma industry.

As you point out there is a big difference between addiction and dependence. People in pain want relief and normal functioning, they are NOT looking for big doses to party and get high.


Painisthename - November 2

Hello.i wish people knew that if we didn't need pain meds that would be great.I recently had major back surgery 6 scews two rods new docs the list is too long I was in surgery for 4 hours.I was put on 180 oxy for about 6 months and I was very happy to get off of them.we take them to try to have a normal.I really hate taking pills.



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