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Oxy Cotin
52 Replies
Concerned - August 29

Would doctors willingly perscribe OxyCotin to a fibromyalgia patient if they knew they were a recovered heroin addict? I don't think my family member is sharing this history with his doctors and now I suspect he is becomming addicted to this pain killer. Does anyone have any information?


Lillyanya - January 13

I don't think that they would being it's an extremely addictive drug.. Also... are you sure it's addiction? Have you looked up the signs of addiction through prescription drugs?... It's somewhat the same, but somewhat different.. Also, you can keep count of his pills to make sure he isn't taking more then prescribed!.. Hope this helps


bob - February 16

what is the short term affect?////////??/?////////.


Ur Mom - March 29



a concerned parent - May 24

My friends son who was 17.. was addicted to Oxy Cotin.. parents sent him to drug rehabs but he would get out and start again they couldn't keep him off of it... Sunday morning May 22 05 his father found him dead in his bed. So my advise be very careful with this drug if you have to take it..


WHAT!! - May 25

You have no idea. My stepson is an addict. He has used everything. Oxycontin was the worst thing he ever did. He was desperately ill trying to stop it and once he was off he started right up again. An addict is an addict. Counting pills won't do a thing. I am so sorry.


lewp - June 14

people dont stay off of oxycotin because the withdrawl from it will kill you. Not be bad, or make you sick, it will actually send you into cardiac arrest in many cases. If hes been on the drug for more than 3 weeks, hes completely dependant on it and will need to be hospitalised to come off of it. Opioid medications are extremely dangerous, and require a great deal of self control to keep on a steady pace, if hes come off of heroin then hes strong enough to get off of this. Also, if/when hes ready to quit, ask your doctor about these two medications to help, "subuxone" and "PanlorSS". These will keep him withdrawl free until his body is able to begin producing its own opiate again. If youd like some help, just ask. Ive been there and would be more than happy to help you along. [email protected]


Mindy - June 14

i go to a pain doc and they haveme on Oxy's 80mg 2 times a day and also breakthrough meds but i only and i mean only take the Oxy when the pain is bad that nothing helps and that is maybe once a wek if that. oxy is a very addicting drug and you have to use caution when taking it. i have a bother that has MS and has been on this drug for a few years and as long as it is taking as directed it is a very useful drug that will help with pain and if it is abused it is deadly.


Mindy - June 14

Iewp...FYI withdrawl from Oxy will not kill you. you will feel like you would want to die but it will not kill you. please if you have any actual proof of this please share. i am a member on many many prescription drug boards and have read up on lots of meds. i also use to work for a pharmacutical company and the one med that really can kill you if you quit cold turkey is benzo's like xanax and such because quitting those cold turkey can send you into grand mal seizures. please share what info you have on Oxy's withdrawl resulting in death...thanks


curt - June 27



Karen - July 8

I would like to know what kind of a doctor would precribe oxicontin to anyone knowing the dangers it causes. With all the other benficial drugs out there. why that one. The fda should be pulling that one off the market. I would worry more about this one then aleve. I am sorry for your loss of your son. My heart goes out to you. God bless you and your family!


Mindy - July 9

Well if you have a good doctor that understand that fibro is a very painful thing. i have a wondeful pain doc that rx's me roxicodone 30mg and oxy 80mg 3 times a day. and to be honest i have less pain than i have ever had


Karen - July 9

I am glad that you found something that helps. Just out of idle curiousity? How long have you been on these meds? My husband has severe degenerative arthritis. The doctors would put him on this for pain and then after a couple of months the doctor decided he was on it too long and took him off of it with nothing to replace it. He went through pure hell. he finally has a wonderful doctor who has redone all his meds and now is at least comfortable where he can function during the day. I hope and pray that your doctor doesn't do this to you. God Bless Karen


Pete - July 18

In my view of oxicontin it works for a time then you need to go up in the amounts you take to get the same relief .then up etc etc also the doctor willput you on break though med's . My self even though there is alot of pain and (RSD) Reginal pain complex syndrome
, etc , Cancer. Dont get started on the oxicontin if you can help it . I dont like the fact that its time released and is most always in you system , that makes you addicted mentally and physically . If you miss a dose your body will put you through
some bad time . After time you, your
system just doesnt feel right , or good .There is a site braintalk communities in which a person has decided to get off the oxicontin even though he's in pain . I believe its intitled Oxycontin Home Detox Diary .Its a good read to see some of the thoughts and feelings of those on or that have been on the oxy . I myself would like to stop taking it . I have gone down alot on the amount but do not know how to get below what I'm now talking .My doctor didnt/ doesnt like the fact that I want to try to go off the medication .He didnt like the fact that I've gone down on the meds. Its bad enough that I have pain and other illness but to have the ill effects of the medicines on top is even worse .There was a person in the Detox story that was mentioned I would like to talk to but I can't seem to be able to post on the site BrainTalk Communities even though I have registered etc . IS any one on this site a member of Brain Talk ?


debs - July 20

Hi there, I am new to this site and to this addiction to Oxy. Is there anyone out there willing to talk me thru this. I'm on day 2 and feel like death all over


Shay - July 23

I cannot believe that a good md would prescribe oxycotin for fibro in the first place. narcartiocs only mask the pain, the best way to deal with the major pain is taking some advil and trying to relax. I have suffered from fibro for more than 5 years and I have pain that is so bad some days that I can't even get out of bed, but I refuse to take the narcs because they are so addictive. I sure hope before anyone decides to take them that they consider the long term effects of them.


karen - July 28

I agree. A good md will not give narcs to someone with fibro. Aleve or advil work just as well and are non addicting. Ibuprofen works also somedays. There are doctors out there too willing to give narcs just to make there patient happy and don't consider the long term affects. Then all of a sudden the poor patient is hooked on them and that same doctor decides maybe it wasn't such a good idea and cuts them off. Now, not only does the patient have to fignt the pain but the affects of coming down off the drug. Its one viscious circle. I am glad that I have a doctor who doesn't prescribe things like that.



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