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Opiod Treatmeant/Pain docs
7 Replies
painrulesme - April 17

I went to see a pain doctor 5 days ago. I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, fibro and TMJ. I was taking 10mg hydrocodone every 4 hours before I went to the pain doc. He put me on 30mg of controlled release morphine twice daily. I am only 19 years old so I don't know if that had anything to do with his decision. The morphine isn't helping me anymore then the hydrocodone at all and I don't even think it is much of a change as far from an increase in dosage of pain meds and is making me sedated as well. He also put me on .5 mg of xanax twice daily which does nothing but make me tired. Anyway I don't really know how the pain doctors like to go about things is it usual for them to start out slow like this on the first visit? I thought I was going to go there and get what I needed for my relief right away. 30mg of morphine twice daily is definitely not even close to enough to what I need to even TOUCH my pain. Basically I just need more meds or stronger meds to relieve my pain. I go to see him again in 6 days. I don't really know what to tell him. If anyone has any advice i'd greatly appreciate it, thanks.


BruxomBrunette - May 10

I went to a "pain specialist". I think her title was because she enjoyed giving more pain. She told me to take Tylenol and to pace myself. When my house needed painted she said I couldn't do it. I now have a new doctor that has put me on a Fentanyl patch and I have Ultram to help with break though. My new doctor told me she had me on just enough for a placebo effect. I've considered writing her a letter to tell her how disgusting that was to do to me. Give this pain doc another chance. Be honest about what you need. If he won't get you the help you need find a different doctor.


Shasta Silva - June 1

Hello, I am new here, and I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia for about 2 years, and I am 28 years old. The doctors could NEVER figure out what was wrong with me, but when they did, I was on Morphine, which I am allergic to, so he put me on Oxycodone, It made me very sick at first, But I continued taking it for about four months. I realized that NOTHING would work for my excruciating PAIN, so I decided to get off of the oxy, & I was introduced to something, which at first I was very leary, but I was desperate, so I have recently been taking Himalayan Goji Juice, & amazingly enough, it has decreased my pain, and now I am virtually medication free, not only that, but my spirits are up. I wish you the best, and I know that this disease is horrible, but I hope that you will find relief somehow.


letuslearn - November 10

A theraputic dose will help you a lot I think. I just started Avinza at 30mg extended release. 60,90 or 125mg will probably make a difference for you. It's a powerful medication/narcotic and all doctor's begin with the lowest dose. Discuss the pain. Good Luck.


cwilliams - February 19

30 mg morphine did nothing for me, but 60 mg really helped. I had been taking Tramdol for years but was having big side effects.


recross - September 9

I am going to see a pain doc as soon as the appt is made,my doc has been giving me loratab but I dont want to keep it up because it doesnt work and it is massivly addictive,I have been on methadone for several yrs now and it no longer works either,and cause the loratab to not work,the pain is excruciating,I am hoping this new dr will be able to help me,I have forgotten what a good nights sleep is and hate having to depend on drugs to get me thru the day everyday,I wish I could find something that works and isnt so addictive


barnes3188 - September 12

You should be thankful to get anything I have tramadol and it doesn't even do anything but give me headaches i would love to find a doctor caring enough to give me Morphine or even the lortab. I can't find any fibro friendly docs here i Utah. I would go back and let them know though cuz it does sound like they are willing to help you. And just remember it could be so much worse you could be like me and suffering endlessly with absolutly no pain relief. Good luck.


kdbbev - September 15

That is normally the procedure, increasing the dose gradually getting you to a place where your pain is under control. It might take a while but your lucky your doc even perscribes these meds for you.

Try keeping a pain chart and list your type of pain. They have several you can research. Doctors speak a whole different language and the pain chart is usually something they understand



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