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opinion of lyrica
55 Replies
Sara - March 24

I wanted to add that the Gabapentin has helped with the depression. I feel happier and so did my husband. It's only been a couple days. I can't say much about the pain relief yet but I think that will come in time as I up the dose.


dana - March 24

i am satisfied with the results i have gotten with lyrica. i have been on it for almost 1 month, and i'm sleeping much better. i was able to get off ambien. i take 150 mg am and noonish, then 300 mg at bedtime. i've been on neurontin, and it wasn't quite as effective.


brenda - April 12

I suffer from MS, and have PAIN everywhere all day/night. I have been taking lyrica. Side effects, dizzy, depression are real. The pain is slightly gone. I didn't read anything about Active and MS. Is there anything?


audrey - April 19

Katie, I tried Lyrica, I'm sorry to say I don't have a true medical answer except the doctor said it has something to do with the way the brain interprets pain and Lyrica disrupts that process somehow. I did not like this medicine, it made me drowsy.


judy - April 29

I've been on Lyrica for a mth and 1/2, and I eat like a bird. I could tell it does increase your appetitte majorly. But I have a two year old so I was working on bringing my weight back down. I've always been thin, and lost my pregnancy weight quickly. And well now at 37 and with fibro full blown it was taking me a bit longer to get back to 120. But I was atleast 135 when I started. And now I'm 150. I have gained unreal weight and that's because I actually feel great enough to exercise and I do. but the weight gain and swelling retention is unreal for me. If excessive exercise doesn't do it for me this next mth I'm going to have to get off it and try another regimen. I just can't carry this kind of weight on me. Although I thought in the beginning it was my miracle cure. Because honestly it feels like remission. I haven't had a flare up after the 1st wk of taking it. The side effectof wt gain is just too much for me.


Beverley - May 7

I have been on Lyrica for two months now and I started feeling better within a few days. I has done wonders for my life. I thank God.


Julie Rouse - May 22

I have been on Lyrica for 3 months and having wonderful results with the lower 50mg drug 3 times a day. I'm fighting my insurance to pay for it. A little dingy at times but worth the loss of pain.


dana - May 24

yes, it helps with the pain and sleep. it also helped me gain 20 pounds, so look out.


Marie - May 31

I have a work related injury; I was injured on the job June 17, 1997. Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and bilateral epicondylitis. Workers' Compensation approved in August 2004. Surgery on right hand December 14, 2004 and surgery on left hand January 6, 2005. This seems to have made the pain worse in both hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck. In late March 2006, I was given lyrica as another remedy for the sharp pains and until 5/30/06, I did not know that much of the symptoms are the same as fibromyalgia. The lyrica does help with the pain and when the perscriptions is out you will know it.


Jean - June 7

Has anyone else had the side effect of extreme constipation?


Rachel - June 12

I have been quite the guinea pig from what I read others have taken here. My neurologist put me on 300x3 daily of nuerontin daily. Plus innumerable other pains meds a day. My internal medicine dr left me on all of the above including 50 mg of sibutramine and 75 mgx3 of lyrica a day. My body went into overload. didn't help pain. side effects of dizziness, fog, etc was so severe I would fall and stare stupidly at walls until the rest of me realized I was on the floor. My dr's hope has been to substitute all pain meds with only the nuerontin, sibutramine and lyrica b/c these are specifically geared to disrupt the misfirings of the brain. Simple terms my dr used is that the 'hairs' in the brain that tell the body to stop pain have retreated in my brain and these meds should help them come back. Oh yes, and lyrica contributed to gaining around 20 lbs. Constipation or the opposite are also symtoms of fms unfortunately.


chris - June 12

Hi all; My niece takes lyrica 600mg and she's doing really good. I was on it for about three weeks but couldn't take the loss of short term memory that I was getting. For me it was awful. It seems to be quite helpful for a lot of people though, and I wish you luck.


Megan - July 27

I have interstitial cystitis and endometriosis. I went to my pain specialist today and he prescribed me Lyrica. After reading what everyone has writted I am both excited and scared to start this drug. I work 10 hour days making stents toi go in to the human heart so I can't loose focus or memory while I am working. I also can't afford to become dizzy. I am however excited about the relief of pain. He wants me to take lycria and vicodin 7.5 three times a day. Is that over kill?


Suzanne - August 20

I have Sympathetic Nerve Dystrophy, now known as Complex Regional Pain Disorder. I was on Neurontin last year and noticed pain would peak and valley. Lyrica is a newer form of Neurontin. They are both in the gabrapentin family. ( I think I spelled that right.) Lyrica is supposed to maintain more consistent management. The drug is prescribed for epilepsy. It is being used 'off lable' in the management of neuropathic pain. I take 300 mg per day; 100 mg 3x a day. I worked up to this dose. Even when switching over from the Neurontin to the Lyrica, my doctor made a long-term schedule to switch slowly. That is key to dealing with the side effects of sleepiness, dizzyness, and weight gain. I have pretty much avoided these in the long term due to the slow building up of the drug's use. I still have pain, but I can play my guitar!


Pam - August 21

I love lyrica. I have been on it since November of 05.... I am now able to work full time again in the ER of our local hospital.. Fibromyalgia will not slow me down with Lyrica.


kathy - August 24

i have had fibromyalgia for years. Lyrica is the newest drug that they have used. From being bed ridden to being without any pain in one day. It's the best. My rheumotologist says, it works better than any known drug. I have no side affects



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