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Numerous symptoms
14 Replies
fibrosufferer - July 30

AM I ALONE ? WHAT TO TAKE for all this?
Brain=foggy, memory, cognitive issues, and blood pressure.
Chest= pain, palpatations
Ears=earaches, ears bleeding, vertigo
Eyes= right eye pain
Spine=2 neck fusions, expecting lower back surgery soon.
Arthritis=whole body, Degenerative disk disease
Legs=restless legs syndrome, plantar fasciitis
Arms=carpal,cubital tunnel requiring surgeries
Mental= anger, confusion, frustration, depression
Numbness=whole body
Flushing=whole body sweats


kathleen Paterson - July 30

hi you are not alone i suffer from loads of symptoms , the worst is the head and neck pressure as if my head is to heavy for my body, last nighT the pressure moved round my throat i can actually feel it moving and on to my chest , it is so
frightening , i also suffer from constant sweats and flushing , the list is endless
take care kathy


tnichel - July 30

Kathleen, did your doctor prescribe anything for your neck pain? I have horrible neck, head, and upper back pain. At night I try to rub out the knots in my neck and upper shoulders. But they tighten back up in no time at all. When I was first diagnosed I went to a chiropracter and it seemed to help at first. Then he had problems aligning my spine and neck b/c whatever he did would revert due to my tight, stiff muscles or whatever they are. So I stopped going b/c the pains got worse. If I could alleviate this pain it would be great b/c it really is my most annoying symptoms. Please tell me what has helped you. You can post on here or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks in advance.


kathleen Paterson - July 31

Hi Tnichel
I have tried chiropractor as well it didnt help much I am afraid . anything the doc prescribes dosent seem to work I just seem to be walking around permantly in pain , my head is so bad ,its mainly on the back of my head , when i go home from work i just lie down with a heated gel pad on my neck that somtimes helps .
do you not feel like screaming
I do.
does your head feel strange all the time ?
take care kathy


tnichel - July 31

Hi Kathleen. Yes, the pain is always there, sometimes worse than others. I work on a computer all day and my doc sent me to pt to learn to sit at a desk correctly, which didn't work b/c I have good posture. Since being diagnosed and put on meds, the pain is not as bad as it once was. I used to always be in a fog with serious head tension. Not always a full blown headache. (for which tylenol and motrin did not work) That is now back again. It's mostly in the back at the base of my head, behind the ears. But the front sides of my neck are always tight too. I spend every night trying to massage out the pain from day. I should use the heat pad more than I do though. I've had x-rays of my neck that show no problem. And yes, I do feel like screaming at times. My coworker even asked if I had neck problems I guess b/c I subconsiously rub my neck all day. Ugh! I understand your pain and wish someone would come up with something that really works. I've also heard tmj can also cause a lot of neck and head problems. I also do a lot of head and neck stretches which alleviates some of the tension on good days. Does your neck ever go out on you? Mine does periodically and I can't turn my neck to the right. It lasted 3 months last time and it's back again. . Driving when it's like this is hard. Sometimes the pain radiates down my neck to my arms and behind the should blades. Sorry I wrote a book but you're the only one I've come across with the same issues. I hope you find more relief.


kathleen Paterson - August 1

hi tnichel
you could write a book about this dreadful illness , people dont understand because you look fine ,I am currently experiences spasms in my throat that drive me crazy i also keep geting these involantary breaths they just come out of nowhere have you ever had anything like that ?



tnichel - August 1

I've read comments from others on this site about the catching breathe thing. I don't think I have experienced it but everyone's description is kind of vague. I mostly notice I take shallow breaths and sometimes will go for seconds w/o breathing and have to conciously tell myself to breathe but I don't think that's the same thing. No throat spasms but my new symptom is spasms of my upper lip. Don't you just love fms? I laugh to keep from crying.


kathleen Paterson - August 4

hi tchnel
if you didnt laugh you would explode
my whole body has been vibrating all weekend , it was so bad i had two glasses of vodka , but of course the next day the vibrating was more intense .
dod you ever get pressure on yor chest



tnichel - August 6

Yes. I've had the chest pressure symptoms for years. even before my diagnosis. I thought going back and forth from hot to cold temperatures or from dry to humid conditions caused it. But now I'm not sure. It definitely happens more in the winter. I've had chest x-rays and the docs have found nothing. It scared me and was my number one complaint which doctors blew of for years. my last attack was yesterdya morning but it went away after 5 minutes. Do you try to take deeper breaths when that happens? Sorry fibrosufferer, we totally took overyour post.


kathleen Paterson - August 7

thanks tnichel
yes i have started deep breathing excercises it helps a little .
i have terrible pressure on back of ny head atmoment whenthat happens everything else seems to be worse ,
you take care kathy


dchristi - September 23

Hi, I have a load of symptoms as well, I also have a neck injury. My fibro-fog is severe... has anyone tried some of the new drugs for FMS?


dchristi - September 23

Hi, You are not alone! I have the majority of the symptoms as well... fibro-fog and neck/shoulder pain are on the top of my list. I have been researching vitamins and herbs, I don't think they are helping. But I guess they can't hurt!


BobbyNva - October 9

I'm on Cymbalta for FM and depression; Lunesta for sleeplessness; soon I'll be using CPAP for sleep apnea. You're not alone. I've only been diagnosed last month but now I know I've been suffering from these additional symptoms for many years: cold hands/feet, fingernails turning blue, chest pain, almost constant pain in hands/fingers, tender feet bottom, dry eyes/mouth, irritable bladder, dizziness, vertigo, eye infections, flu-like illness, anxiety/panic attacks, fibro fog/forgetfulness, shortness of breath, voice changes, back pain, carpal tunnel, fatigue, stiff neck, headaches...I could go on...


docpatient - October 25

I have chronic joint and muscular pain,mainly in the shoulders,chest pain,palpitation,confusion,lack of concentration,frustration,sleeping disorders since 4 months. I passed laboratory investigation which revealed +ve serology test of HCV. There was suspicion of cryoglobulinemia, whose evaluation in blood was negative. I appealed to a rheumatologist who diagnosed my case as fibromyalgia , and prescribed Lyrica. I just commenced its administration today. I need opinion of other colleagues,sufferers of the disease. docpatient


Anne Hillebrand - November 9

Try wiping some Camphor Spirit on your neck.

It stimulates the flow of lymph.

If you have heartburn/Gerd, and Fibro, eliminate the most acid foods and chew some TUMS.



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