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Norcotics don't work on me
12 Replies
nellebelle - November 10

I'm new to the forum....not sure if this has been discussed before. I had a kidney stone in May that I had surgery on. Had some pain after the surgery. Two doses of morphine, and two doses of percacet, and I was still in lots of pain. Left the hospital in pain.

Currently I'm on an anti-inflammatory for inflammatory arthritis symptoms, I'm on Cymbalta, and then my Dr. has me on Tramadol. But it doesn't help much sometimes. Anyone else resistant to narcotics? What have you done?


Fantod - November 10

Yes - I simply can not take most of them. I become quite ill. It gets pretty challenging as no one really knows what I can take until I try something and wait for all hell to break loose. My nutritionist says this is a problem that originates in the gut. Apparently, I am not able to process them - malabsorbtion. I keep a runninglist on the computer of things that don't agree with me.

One thing I like for pain are Flector Pain patches. They only work hwere they are applied and do not get into your bloodstream. A perfect solution. I have degenerative disc disease and these patches really help. They can be cut up to make them last longer. Not a great solution for widespread pain but really good for specific areas that are bothering me. Take care.


Noca - November 10

Maybe you just need a higher dose Nellebelle. Tramadol is the weakest opioid there is. Morphine never worked well with me, I prefer Dilaudid instead. Percocets suck too as the highest dose in the states has 10mgs of Oxycodone and 325mgs of Tylenol. Most Percocets are usually 5mgs of Oxycodone and 325mgs of Tylenol, these are the ones you most likely got.

Try out Dilaudid or Oxycontin instead.


nellebelle - November 11

I've read a few comments on other posts, but I still find it hard to believe that Dr's need to perscribe us pain meds, even if they don't want to. My Dr. doesn't want to perscripbe me anything more than Tramadal.

My rheumatologist actually confirmed that people with Fibro are actually resistant to narcotics....wouldn't hydrocodone hcl be a narcotic along with oxycontin?

Thanks for your replies!


Canada17 - November 11

nellebelle - I don't think it is necessarily a resistance to them so much as it is an intolerance.

Perhaps the reason so many doctors are reluctant to prescribe us pain meds is because FM patients are notorious for adverse reactions. Many doctors are afraid of malpractice suits arising from complications due to medications they have prescribed.

I would not say I am resistant to narcotics, quite the opposite actually, more like overly sensitive. It takes a much lower dose than what is required for treatment for me to have an adverse reaction with no intended side-effects. It is evident to me that whatever I put in my body is processed differently than it would be by a non-FM person.

While the conclusion may the same - prescribing narcotics to an FM patient should be a last resort - the reasons why may have less to do with ineffectiveness than they do with hypersensitivity.


nellebelle - November 11

So how long do I keep telling my Dr. that the tramadol isn't that effective. So far I've been on Tramadol for about 11 months.....I think I might be at the highest dosage by now, exceeding it sometimes trying to cover the pain. I'm not sure what else would work, though.

Vicodin doesn't work, morphine doesn't work, percacet doesn't work. Seems like they'd have to go to a pretty high narcotic in order to cover my pain.


Noca - November 12

Hydrocodone is the opiate in Vicoden. Its generally for moderate pain and is limited in its dosage by the fact its mixed with Tylenol. One person can only safely have 1000mgs of Tylenol at once and 4000mgs of Tylenol a day before liver failure sets in.


Canada17 - November 12

acetaminiphen - Tylenol is the brand name. Many OTC medications contain acetaminiphen and don't call it Tylenol. Be careful to watch the ingredients because if you are taking medications like hydrocodone or oxycotin the side effects can be increased with the use of acetaminiphen. As is the same with many medications.

We have to be extra careful of our livers as we process stuff differently due to our FM. 4000mgs of acetaminiphen is a lot! If you are taking strong narcotics and they aren't doing much for you, acetaminiphen probably isn't going to help you. Plus it is very hard on your stomach.


Noca - November 13

I would have said Acetaminophen but I doubt anyone would know what I was talking about.


Noca - November 13

Oh any its NSAIDS that are hard on your stomach, not Acetaminophen, thats hard on your liver.


lucky13 - November 13

The rheumatologist that diagnosised me told me that Narcotics are not very effective on Fibro pain. At the time he told me this I was trying to have a baby so I chose to not start any treatment for my fibro so he told me to take Tylenol Arthritis and exercise to help manage the pain.
I do have to say the tylenol helps take the edge off the pain so i can deal with it.


Canada17 - November 13

Yes, and I provided clarification, Noca.

Acetaminophen can cause an upset stomach, especially after prolonged use. Especially if you already have stomach issues.

No offense, Noca, but you seem to have a lot of misinformation about side effects. Just because it doesn't give you a certain side effect doesn't mean that others won't experience it. And for that matter, just because it's not listed as a side effect doesn't mean that someone won't experience it as one.

Personally I have had a lot of strange side effects that were otherwise considered "rare" or undocumented. We always have to be on the look out for symptoms that appear after starting a new medication.


Noca - November 14

I guess theres always rare adverse reactions that are possible to drugs but when I say a drug has a side effect or not Im talking about common side effects.



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