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New drug approved in U.S. for fibro called Savella
8 Replies
mercysakes - June 24

Savella has been used in Europe with great success for a long time. The FDA just approved it for the U.S.A. for fibromaylgia. My dr. got a bunch of starter kits right away and has given them to all of his patients with this illness. I have been on it for over three weeks now and can really feel a difference for the first time in 9 years. All of his patients have good things to say about it. It's better to google Savella Europe instead of just Savella. Since it is so new there is not a ton of info out yet. Good to know there is something for hope!


DoxieLOVA - June 25

Hey there! Just wanted to say, thanks for sharing your info on this Savella. I was going to ask if anyone had tried it. I was at my Rheumatologist today and he said that he wanted to learn more about it before he tried me on it, so I'm excited to hear that it is working for you! I hope it just keeps getting better, best of luck!


Fantod - June 25

I was just given a starter pack by my rheumy. I am extremely sensitive to medication. I'll be starting it when I run out of my current batch of Cymbalta. From what I have read, about 39% of people who take Savella experience nausea. I'm concerned about that. But, I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm glad that you have seen such an improvement. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Take care.


RavenFax - June 25

Good luck Fantod, and thanks for being here for us. You are a wealth of information for those of us that have a trouble with technical reading.

I have an appointment with my rhumy on July 17th and am on the cancelations list for sooner. I am making a note to mention it to my Rhumy as well. I know the skelaxian isn't helping much


vcasas - July 28

I've been on Savella for the past 3 weeks. At first, I did experience headaches, chills, a little nausea and excessive sweating. The only side effect I currently feel is the sweating. As for the pain management, I'm still waiting for it to work. But, in reading all these comments by so many wonderful people, I realized that maybe my diet has to change. I'm going to try some changes and I've made an appointment with an allergist.

However, I'm only on 100 mg. per day. I understand you could do as much as 200mg.



Misti47 - July 28

Savella is not for everyone.-Tried it for three months and nothing. its almost like Lycria tons of unexplained weight gain


fibrofreaked - August 4

I am on day 11. I can't believe the fog has lifted. I was able to go on a four day family vacation and managed to keep up from morning to dark walking, siteseeing, and the pain I usually experience was much less. I have experienced some stomache upset with the savella but that has been outweighed by the positive aspects, especially the lifting of a constant headache I have had.


fibroal - August 5

I was so excited when I found out about Savella. I began taking it in July and it was absolute misery. My headacheas were worse than ever, could not sleep, felt on edge all the time, my stomach hurt so bad. This is the worse medicine I have ever taken. I am thrilled for those of you that it has helped! Please forgive my grammar and spelling I have Fibrofog really bad!


kboyette - August 8

I have been on Savella for 3 weeks now and I am miserable. I was taken off Lyrica because of all the side effects. The weakness has just taken over my whole body. The pain comes and goes. I was working full-time, stopped that to try part-time and I could not even handled that. I use Tramadol for pain and Amirex (muscle relaxer) to help me sleep. But what can help this weakness and tiredness that is driving me crazy?



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