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NJMom - October 11

I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia - I followed up with a rhyematologist who told me that stress adds to a flare up and I needed to decided which was more important to treat - the stress or the pain - he said that antidepressent medication can not be taken with pain medication - so I need to make a choice and then he could give me something - I am very confused about this - can someone help me understand what types of medication I can take for stress/anxiety and as well as pain


TERESA - October 12

NJMom, THAT IS NOT TRUE! I don't know why your doctor would tell you such a thing but if he really meant what he said, you should get another doctor!!! I take two types of narcotic pain meds, an antidepressant, an anti-anxiety drug & several other prescription & non prescription drugs! GET A SECOND OPPINION!!


deannamarie8fan - October 20

I take pain medications and antidepressants & have for quite some time. I agree w/teresa, get a 2nd opinion! Just be aware of side effects & drug interactions. Good luck.


barbara s. - October 24

I also think you need a new doctor, but ask him about Cymbalta (go to for more info) It treats both pain and depression. I don't personally take it so I don't know how it works, but it might be worth looking into


Virg - October 25

I keep coming back to your question NJMom and wonder about your doctor. Doesn't he realize that with fibro stress and pain go hand in hand. Are you seeing a doctor who doesn't like perscribing any drugs? Because I'm sure I speak for many that when you're finally diagnosed with FM some drugs are needed to handle immediate symptoms for you to be able to cope while other diseases are ruled out. Then the key is your coping ability. Life style has to change somewhat and coping is the key (and pray don't forget the humour). You'll find what drug agrees and what you could eliminate. Good Luck.


carm - October 27

It is not completely true some drugs conflict and some don't. I take an antianxiety Lexapro and a pain med Ultram and they don't conflict for me. You need a second opionion. The pain can make you stressed out. Ask any of us.


gramy - November 9

Im new at this but I know you CAN take both.......Sounds to me like this doctor doesn't want to be bothered......GET A SECOND OPION AND NOW!


gramy - November 9

i don't think this doctor want to be bothered.......GET A SECONE OPIONE AND NOW!!!!!!!


Kathryn1947 - November 11

I agree - that absolutely is NOT true. I've taken antidepressents and narcotics simutaneously for yeas. Seek another opinion!


Maura A. - November 11

Get another doctor. I see a rhyematologist who is has me on a antidepressent and pain medicine. Nothing wrong with seeing another doctor. The more information you get about what you have the better you will be able to livfe your life to the fullest.


kimsco444 - November 30

I have had several close friends that become addicted to pain meds. problem is that when you hurt so bad, it's tempting to take- however I have found that anti anxiety drugs like xanax, buspar, and sometimes muscle relaxers help with the muscle and tender points. Hope this helps!


teresat - November 30

Kimsco444, the problem is that muscle relaxers, anti-anxiety drugs(Xanax), & sieeping pills are also addictive! There are studies that say if you are taking pain meds because you have pain then you are not likely to become addicted to them. The problem comes when you take pain meds for the feeling of eurphoria & you don't have pain. I have been on the same dose of a very powerful pain med for almost 2 yrs now. I am not addicted to it but I am sure that I am dependant on it & will have to be weaned off it if they deside to rake me off! Hope this helps!!!


soozofny - December 26

Believe me when I say that I understand your ordeal! I have a 3 year old son and in the middle of sobriety and a divorce...Stress only increases the Pain of FM. But, I am on Cymbalta and I can take pain meds if I should so need them. Fibro, Stress, Pain,'s all a Catch way to avoid any of it, but we learn to deal with it. Do not let any doctor tell you different. You do not need to choose between Stress and Pain...But, you may have to find balance between handling the stress and pain....that's the difference.



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