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Natural remedies
4 Replies
Ollie - August 5

A friend has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia recently. Her doctor is not a tremendous help and has been very vague about treatments etc. She is keen to use natural remedies and diet/lifestyle modifications rather than drugs to suppress the symptoms. Does anyone have any positive experiences or any advice regarding natural remedies? Any help would be really appreciated as she has two young children to look after so finds it hard to slow down with their boundless energy.


dana - August 4

natural remedies are great in theory, and some quite possibly work very well. it kind of depends on which symptoms are causing her the most problems. if sleep is the major issue, she may very well need a drug for that...if she began sleeping well, many of the other problems would most likely not be as severe. check out a bookstore for a good book on natural remedies, and also i found a really great one at the local health food store. proper diet, exercise, and avoidance of alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine are supposed to help. tell her i wish her the best, and that if her doctor is not a help, she should definitely get a new one.


Ollie - August 5

Thank you Dana, I really do appreciate any advice you can give.


JacquelineK - December 27"The.Cure.For.All.Diseases&


Shasta Silva - June 1

I have had Fibromyalgia for about two years, & was diagnosed about a year ago. My doctor had me on everything from Morphine to Oxycodone. I finally realized that NOTHING would work, & I was about ready to give up.
I now believe that Drugs mess you up. I had to wheen myself off of the oxy, & that was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done. Some friends of mine introduced me to Himalayan Goji Juice, & I have been on that for almost a month. I started to notice changes in everything, from my sleeping patterns, to just feeling SO MUCH better.
If she wants a natural remedy, you cannot get more natural than this product. I honestly thought that I would always be on prescription drugs, but I am HAPPY to say that I am no longer on any of the meds, & I feel good, & the longer that I am on it, I KNOW that I will feel better. So I just wanted to give you some food for thought, & I hope she finds relief somehow.



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