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Narcotic relief for fibromyalgia
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Lisa - May 13

I am cuurently on Oxycontin, 120 mg am- 120 mg pm, with MSIR for breakthrough pain. Mind you I had tried ALL the other meds you read about in the past, even Lyrica. My problem is the meds are not helping me on days when I am in a major flare-up. I wish I could stay in bed, but that even hurts me. My Doctor is scared to prescribe more for me because of the DEA. It is too bad the DEA rules health care opposed to the doctor using his professional judgement regarding treatment. I have been to 8 different pain management programs, and unless they can do somehting invasive, they refer me back to my doctor for care. Anyone know of a good pain management group in the Metro Detroit area?? I am running short of my meds because of the excessive pain I have been experiencing. I have tried literally EVERYTHING. Any suggestions?? Thank you so much


Rachel - May 13

I'm sorry you're feeling so bad Lisa. I relate totally with you. I've been thru so many drugs it's not funny. I've tried them all and now my belly's messed up and I fear to take more meds. Catch 22. What I am doing and I feel a huge difference is that I'm taking enzymes and acidophilis daily. The enzymes I take about 20 minutes before I eat. I am also eating crackes and water when I take my meds. Never on an empty stomach anymore. As a side note and not to push anything on anyone here. My aunt recommended a product called reliv now. It is a powder dietary supplement that I make every morning as a smoothie. I mix it with strawberries, banana, a apple, around 3 ounces of apple juice, a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream, sugar substitute (not nutrasweet) ice cubes and mix it into a smoothie that even my 5 year old is drinking with me. I have found that it soothes my stomach and helps me regulate. I don't put the full amount of the shake b/c of the taste which I don't find good. My fms dr looked it over and told me that other than the price issues, it just has vitamins and nutrients that would help me without interfering with any other meds I was on. I literally feel that I was dying last month and today, a month and a half later, I am actually feeling human again. I couldn't even get out of bed anymore. God help us all. Good luck Lisa



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