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TRACIEDC74 - March 31



Fantod - April 4

Everyone is different. There are only certain classes of medication that are effective when treating Fibromyalgia. A pain specialist is a good choice to determine what medications may be effective. I see a pain specialist and they have been pretty helpful. They are, however, very strict about dispensing medication of any kind. If you are not prepar to follow the rules, than don't go. None of my edmedications are narcotics for Fibromyalgia.

I hope that you are able to get some relief. You might ask them about Savilla which is new on the market for Fibromyalgia. Take care.


canderson - May 26

The only thing that has helped my pain is narcotics the problem is the longer you take it, you become tolerant and have to take more and more of it. It gives you a false sense of well-being. I am slowing weaning off of it, even when it doesn't take all my pain away I find myself wanting to take it. I was taking 2 every 4 hours now I am down to 1 every 6 hours. (P.S. I always take it as prescribed and I have discussed this with my doctor) I can't take Nsaids so forth because caused stomach problems.

It worked great for awhile, but I don't think it's a long term solution for the problem.


VictoriaB - May 30

Yes I take narcotics because nothing else helps. Cymbalta helps some. The narcotics keep me functioning, I have been on them for over a year! God Bless my GP!!


VictoriaB - May 30

I failed to mention that I also have severe pain from degenerative disc disease and bad osteo arthritis so thats probably why I get so much relief!


david91406 - June 2

I've been taking OxyContin Time Release Tabs for 10 years. Before that I was hooked on Vicodin. I went to an Internest(GP) and told him my Vicodin problem and problems taking it. He immediately stopped it and changed me over to OxyContin - 12 hour time release tablets. When the generic became available (oxycodone hcl SR or ER for time release) I switched over as it was very much cheaper and worked the same. I believe I started out at 20mg morning and evening.

He also prescribed the Immediate Release ocycodone hcl, 5mg tablets. They were labeled "For breakthru pain". These were to be taken when the Time Release tablets didn't last the full 12 hours and the pain started to return. The 12 hour tabs rarely lasted the 12 hours. It took a little work to make sure I wasn't "chasing" the pain, and took the Immediate Release 5mg tabs (IR) BEFORE the pain started. It took awhile, but it's sooo important not to chase the pain as it's hard to be comfortable with a 9 level pain (pain scale of 1-10) while you're waiting for the pain pills to take effect because you waited until you were in a lot of pain before you took the IR 5mg tabs!

I've found that going to a "Pain Specialist" was NOT as effective as an Internest(GP) who was aware and sympathetic of pain control. After awhile the chronic pain led into depression. After trying many, many types, I finally found one that had the fewest side effects and produced the best for controlling my depression. It's frustrating as there's so many to try before finding the best one for you. Everybody is different!

Narcotics are NOT for everybody. I believe that they should be your last resort. They're very addictive and getting off of them is the same as a street drug addict detoxing. Myself, I had tried many different non-narcotics with very little or no pain relief. I also have arthritis, and altho the narcotics don't help the inflamation, they do help the pain. However, it's really the same as taking an aspirin for a headache. I'm treating the symptom not the cause.

Until they find a cure for the Fibromyalgia, it's my choice to take the narcotics. Again, some people find other meds that help. Some don't! Because of the addictiveness and other side effects of narcotics, they should be the drug of last choice.

Hope this helps.


david91406 - June 2

I just started reading thru this site. Excellent info. Should be required reading!


Fantod - June 3

There is a new drug for fibromyalgia on the market called Savilla. Ask about it and make sure you have exhausted all other options before trying narcotics. David91406 made some very good points in his post to you. Take care.


DianaTF - June 28

I've been taking Cymbalta and just began Lyrica for Fibro. Rheumatoid Arth. and Lupus.
I see a pain management M.D. and he will prescribe Darvon for me as well. Like some of the other posters said, the biggest problem is the tolerance. You'll find after awhile you'll need to take MORE than you should to get any relief. But, overall, my answer is yes, narcotics work very well for my pain. Vicodin not so much, but Darvon, yes.
You'll find 2 differing views with M.D.s those who believe in prescribing narcotics to chronic pain sufferers and those who don't. Find one who WILL. There may be a chance that in combination with other drugs like Cymbalta and Lyrica, a narcotic drug may be the ONLY way you'll get relief when you have a bad flare up and the pain is intolerable.

Blessings and I wish you well at your appt. ~ Di ~


Misti47 - July 28

Whoever said that was lying. Narcotics help me and its the only thing I will take.


shihtzumama - June 29

misti i am like you. in my very long battle with this misery, i have found narcotics are the only things that truly help. i have had so many wretched side effects from the other medications. but how do you go about finding a doctor who will prescribe them? i would love to be able to do without them. but i cannot do any of the other things that are known to help fibro sufferers (like excercise, good sleep, etc) unless my pain is under control. i will be seeing a new primary in a couple of weeks. i hope she can help.


AngelaElise - August 9

I have been taking OxyCotin for 5 years to help with the pain. I have good and bad days. On my good days I don't need to take as often, but on my bad days I can seem to get confirtable.

I am 100% against the use of narcotics for fibro. I'm 29 years old with 2 children. I would give anything to stop taking them and feel normal again. I feel like I can't go anywhere without my bottle and am in constant anxiety about when my next dose is. Narcotics overtime can actually make the pain worse and amplified. I feel like at this point I would rather live with the pain and take something over the counter than continue taking the narcotics. My only concern is the withdrawal pain, which is 20x worse than the arthritis and fibro pain.

I really hope you can find something to help you. Good Luck.


alarecovery1978 - September 25

I am 37years old. I was finally diagnosed with fibro in 2010. Before I got my diagnosis, I had already been put on oxycodone( which didn't help at that time due to my pain level being so high). I was then put on K4 Diladud for a couple months , then up to 100 micrograms of fentanyl. Of course that knocked my pain out but I couldn't remember like 5 months of my life. I thought I was going to die coming off those even though I was taking 60mg morphine every 6 hours tto help with withdrawals. I've tried Lyrica, Cymbalta, ultram, Elavil, etc. I haven't been on anything the past few years. But I can't take it anymore. I see my PCP tomorrow and I am going to try and get back on the oxycodone 10/325. Hopefully he will not have any issues with this because I'm just not sure what I'll do if he gives me any slack. Any quick suggestions? Please and thank you


conniehurts - March 26

I have been on 125mcg Fentanyl patches and 4 mg Dilaudid for 10 yrs. Once i got to the proper amount for controlling my pain i have not had to go up on the dosage. For me they are the only thing that works! Be very cautious tho, they are hard to get prescribed, some pharmacists have taken it upon themselves to refuse to fill them and yes they are very hard to get off of. Because of a large turnover of doctors where i live i am going thru that right now. Prior to using marcotics (strong ones!) i had no quality of life, do i like taking them, no. would i continue if i could? absolutely! Will i have quality of life without them? Doubtful. Do they work for everyone? No Taking a proper dose i have no side effects. I dont get any high from them, i dont have any wierd symptoms from them. Does taking them make me an addict? NO!! I am going to try using medicinal cannibus (legal in my state) and hope for the best but keep stalling as i do not want to live my life in a worse fog than the fibro fog i already have. I just want to control pain and have a life! Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Remember that to take narcotic pain killers means that you lose privacy and become in the eyes of many an evil drug addict! Gentle hugs Connie


Prncisd - October 9

I have been doing a lot of reading and research on fibromyalgia and pain medications. I agree everybody is different. It's been 10 years and I finally found a medication that works for me. I have tried it all. I have started taking oxycodone and finally for the first time I am able to get out of bed and function.


velmonster - June 9

I take narcotic medication for my Fibro. I tried every other medication (including Savella) some gave me relief for a while, but then my pain changed. Once I got on a strict schedule with my current medications I have had very few flares or breakthrough pain. I have raised from 3 pills to 4 a day once in 10 years and haven't had the tolerance issues that were spoken of. However, with the opioid epidemic going on, I have been told by my PCP repeatedly that there are no studies that suggest this type of treatment actually helps a patient and I could see myself with medications in the next few months when laws in my state get passed. I think it can be a wonderful treatment plan as a last resort, but be prepared to have the pain specialist saying no.



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