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narcotic pain releif
9 Replies
creela shelton - May 7

Nothing seems to work. I recently tried narcotics to deal with the pain. It seems to help but DR. Worry about addiction. When the quality of life is this poor and in pain what diference does an addiction make? I am at the point I don't want to live like this any more.


Lisa - May 7

Doctors are so worried about "addiction", versus tolerance. Believe me if not for Oxycontin and MSIR(morphine) I would have killed myself from the intense pain daily for the last 14 years. You may need to find a pain specialist if your doctor is worried about giving you narcotic's. See, in Med school, they gloss over narcotic's and it is usually presented as a "bad" treatment, But they only one who can say if it helps you is YOU! Be assertive, I had tried every thing possible, Neurontin, Lyrica, Ultram Vicodin, Motrin, anti-depressants(Elavil, Effexor, Paxil Buspar, etc)
and none seem to help. When I was hospitalized for un-contolled pain, an anethestisist suggested Opiod Therapy, and wow, I have more of a life now. It is like someone gave me the old me back. I still have bad days, but nothing like the past. God Bless my doctor for helping me, without him I would be six feet under by now. He took a leap of faith and it worked. So be persistant and ask for it. Research it and you will see that it may the only treatment for you, if nothing else had worked. Good luck!!


Misti47 - July 28



all44 - May 20

Are you seeing a pain doctor?


Paulene - May 27

I am only pain free and able to do my thing when I take a couple of percocets. I hate that that is the deal but it is. I worry that I am harming my body worse (working on top of the pain I'm blocking, therefore don't know if I'm damaging myself) plus doing damage to my liver etc from the narcotics.
I worry about escalating in need also. How long until I need a stronger or more of the drug?
I hate asking my doctor for them. Why should I feel bad about that?
To me it seems to be my only option in order to have a life. I hear yah.



I have had Fibro for the past couple of years. I tend to have all the pain located in my lower back and also down my legs. I have a lot of the other symptoms (depression, sleep problems, temperature changes, SEVERE fatigue and so on) but my worst complaint is the pain. I have been to a chiropractor, pain specialist and 2 different physical therapist. No help. Vicodin 750 4 times a day is the pain meds I was given and have took for the past couple of years. There are days where I could use more pain relief, but the vics seem to at least keep me functioning. I know I would not be able to get out bed and do normal activities if it weren't for my pain meds. I am not worried about addiction. I am worried about the quality of my life. Good luck!


julissarodriguez - June 14

Hello guys.. My name is Julissa. I have had Fibro for years now. If I had to take a wild guess as to how long its been since I was diagnosed, I would say about 6 or 7 years.
I was taking Ultram 50mg for about 7 years, increasing the dosage slowly over time. However, i recently told my Rheumotologist that the Tramadol was working anymore. I had to take 4 pills at once just to cut some pain. She prescribed me Norco 325mg ( Hydrocodone) and Soma ( muscle relaxers). I have been taking them for the past week or so, and I hate them. I was told to take Tramadol, my usual dose through out the day but to squeeze in one Norco in between doses. Soma, is to be taken 2 times a day. Painwise, its better, however, I feel groggy all the time. I cant think at all. I wake up in the morning throwing up.
Has anyone else had this experience with Norco, or Soma?

P.s I was also started on Savella, and taken off Cymbalta...



Noca - June 14

I take Dilaudid, Fentanyl, Celebrex, and Gabapentin for my pain. Makes it somewhat able to live with.


canadacalling - June 15


I feel very bad for you because this is the pits.. My interest is why you were taking cymbalta and are now on another drug.

Dd you have issues with the cymbalta? I wonder because I am on it, and it seems to affect my coumadin - blood thinners- because I am always having to get rechecked every week for the level and I had read of that happening. Just interested in why you went off it. Take good care of yourself.


julissarodriguez - June 16

Hello canadacalling,

I was taking Cymbalta, not for depression, but for help with Fibromyalgia pain. It didnt help me at all. I didnt even notice my energy go up or anything. So, Fantod suggested that I talk to my doctor about trying Savella instead. Thank God I listened cause I can already feel the pain being reduced and the energy level is back again. Today was a very good day for me. I havnt had one of these days in years. I woke up feeling refreshed, happy.. energetic.. took half my regular dose of pain meds, and got to work and had a wonderful day. I just felt so positive, so relieved, so helped.. I know its the Savella... Thank you Fantod!!! Youre wonderful!

Hope you feel better canadacalling..





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