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Narcotic Allergy
4 Replies
Canada17 - November 17

Apparently my multiple-chemical sensitivity goes as far as an allergy to narcotics.

I saw my physiatrist today, after going over all the medications that I've tried and the reactions I have had to them, she believes I have an allergy to narcotics. Grrreat!

She is encouraging my use of cannabis and has agreed to help me get a medicinal marijuana license.

I have to go for a sleep study, we all know how important good sleep is, even for someone who doesn't have a syndrome or disease. She said the doctor going over the results of my study will be able to better recommend medications to try. It should be interesting to find one that works well and that I can tolerate.

She has told me to take Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Co Enzyme 10, and whey protein.

Two weeks ago she recommended I start an elimination diet and then reintroduce the items one by one after two weeks. The first thing I tried was potatoes (I already know white sugar, white flour, and yeast are problematic for me) I felt terrible after eating the potatoes!

I am beginning to understand what is going on with my body, it gives me hope. I will have to make a lot of sacrifices but now that I know how terrible I feel if I eat certain things, it should be easier. And I LOVE potatoes!!!!

She also recommended I stay away from citrus fruits and pineapple. She says melons are good, and blackberries.

I hope my experiences helps at least one of you. ;)


Noca - November 19

People who are allergic to Morphine usually arent allergic to Demerol as well. However Demerol cant be used long term due to a toxicity build up it causes.


Canada17 - November 19

Demerol is still a narcotic though, is it not?

I obviously don't want to have to take NSAIDs for the rest of my life...but I know this pain is only going to get worse until we find a cure...

This is a crazy disease! I feel like a child every time I take a prescription medication because of the reaction I have. I can't even tolerate the lowest of doses and it's just getting worse!

I think I may need to look into getting a medic alert bracelet. God forbid I end up in some sort of accident and they shoot me full of pain killers before anyone can tell them not to!


Noca - November 20

Demerol is still considered an opioid narcotic but it isn't like the rest of them. Id suggest giving it a try (as long as your not on any MAOIs)


Canada17 - November 20

I use Naproxen for flare ups and marijuana for all my other symptoms.

The rest of my treatment consists of an elimination diet and a vitamin regimen.



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