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Morpine and FMS
6 Replies
[email protected] - October 20

Has anyone heard of daily morphine injections being given to FMS sufers as a sufferer myself i have not although my sister is being given this and i do not agree can someone give me some information regarding this. please.


Mnemosa - January 14

Hi, I dont have injections, but I take 60mg of Avinza, which is a morphine sulfate. Honestly, I dont know what I would have done without it. I was in so much pain that I couldn't do anything. Now, after being on it for almost a year, I am back to work and going to school again. I don't like the fact that I have to be on "major" drugs to function, but I need to be able to take care of myself. Taking the morphine has cut out alot of the other medications I was taking, at way too high dosages to be able to get out of bed. But again, my dr is also prescribing physical therapy and massage therapy and a light excersice program. We have just gotten to the dietary changes part of my "recovery plan". Hopefully, I can get off the morphine by the beginning of next summer.


Mindy - June 14

I was placed on Avinza 60mg 3 times a day along with norco 10/325 4 times a day. the Avinza was not hlping and also giving me the worst rash. My pain doc put me on the Duragesic patch started out on the 25mg and it stayed on for 3 days...that didnt help then she moved me up to the 50mg patch i started seeing that my skin was severly broken out and burnt from themed in the patch. she took me off the patch and started me out on Oxy's at 20,40 and now i am on the 80's twice a day and that has helped me more than anything but with the Oxy i do not take it every day i only take it when my breakthrough med of roxicodone 15mg does not work and then i will only take it at bedtime. i average maybe 1 oxy a week and sometimes i can go 2 weeks without needing to take one but i only use those for very bad days


Karen - July 10

I have heard of morphine for fibro. A nurse at work, her mother has been on morphine for a long time. She said without it she could not function at all.


Pip - October 2

I was given morphine in hospital for Fibro and it didn;t help at all. I too broke out in a rash. A common allergic reaction apparently. Also had trouble breathing.


Friday - October 3

Felix, why do you "not agree?" You don't say how much morphine your sister is getting, but narcotic pain medications allow many of us to function almost normally, where without them we would be bedridden. If your sister has tried other things with no relief, then morphine may help. The stats are that less than 10% of people (some say only 3%) in general are prone to addiction, and those fighting true chronic pain are even less likely to become addicted. I WILL tell you this... if you fight what your sister and her doctor are doing based on just a "feeling," or thinking that she may get addicted, then you can cause her undue stress that can actually make her condition worse. Please support her and work with her in a positive fashion so that she can feel better.


Vicki - October 20

I too have taken morphine in pill form for a few years and without it I cannot do a thing. I take 120 mg x twice a day. I was taking double that when I was working, this dose though seems to be the minimum I can take.



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