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More about bad generic drugs
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January - February 24

Hi, I lifted this quote from peoples pharmacy tonight, there's a good idea at the end of it, considering there have been thousands of reports of bad generics involving ingredients from India and China:

Len | January 23, 2011 10:36 PM |

I am a pharmacist with 40 years of prctice. I am very disturbed about the generic drugs which are coming into this country from who knows where. Unfortunately, we have little choice in choosing a generic or a brand name. This is dictated by the insurance company.
When your prescription is filled an electronic claim is sent to your insurance company. The drug is indentified by its national drug code (NDC) and if the insurance company does not like the drug that is submitted, they immediately reject the claim. The insurance company is the gate-keeper through their rejection process.
The FDA considers the country of origin to be confidential information. In many cases I cannot even tell where the drug was manufactured to advise patients. I find this outrageous. Every consumer has a right to know where his drugs are made. We need a consumer uprising over this. Contact your representative and make him aware of this travesty.

I had trouble finding out if prescription drugs were gluten free or not. My doctor said, by law, they had to tell me. But the pharmacy at the grocery store told me they didn't know. Later, my more expensive pharmacy contacted another company, which refused to divulge the information, saying it was "proprietary!" Those drugs made me sick! How is this OK?


Noca - March 3

If you find a generic brand that you like, simply ask the pharmacy to give you that brand of generic. Pharmacies obviously substitute generics for brand names but when it comes to one generic vs another, they are mere pennies in cost difference. This means that most every pharmacy shouldn't care about what generic manufacturer you want; you ask, you receive.

For example, in Canada I prefer the PMS- brand of Clonazepam over Apo- as I didn't like the way the Apo- brand melted under my tongue. I simply asked my pharmacy to order me in the PMS- brand instead and I got what I wanted.



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