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Mobid and Ultram
4 Replies
lyp292 - June 30

I have a new doctor that has diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. She is putting me on Mobid and Ultram and wants me off of hydrocodone. Any one know anything about the new meds I will be taking?


Fantod - June 30

lyp292 - I assume you mean Mobic which I have taken for about ten years. I take 7.5 mg every day for pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthitis. Regular bloodwork is needed to be sure that your liver is not adversely affected by the drug. There can be a sudden onset of gastric bleeding. My question is why your doctor has prescribed Mobic. There is no inflammation associated with fibromyalgia (FMS). Unless you have underlying health issues that would require this medication, I'd be asking her for an explanation.

I have also taken Ultram. It is a pretty heavy duty pain medication. I was on the extended release version and had a very bad reaction to it. I can not be objective about this drug, perhaps someone else out there will comment on it.

I can understand why your doctor would like to take you off of hydrocodone. However, has she considered any of the standard medication for chronic pain associated with FMS? There are several choices which include Lyrica, Savella (new) and Cymbalta. All of these medications have proven effective for FMS. I use Cymbalta and it has reduced my pain levels. I am going to switch to Savella in about a week to see if it is more helpful.

If you are not sleeping well, then your pain level will be higher. Your muscles need REM sleep to repair themselves from activity. FMS interrupts that sleep cycle. You should be on something like Amitriptyline to help you get restorative sleep nand reduce your pain level.

I would have some reservations about how this doctor is handling your situation. If she is not a rheumotologist, than you need to get one. This is the doctor who treats FMS. You can go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and register. Then you will be able to see a list of health care providers in your state that are fibro-friendly. Good luck and let us know how you are doing. Take care.


kengriffin - October 4

Everyone is different. With that being a fact, then each of us may have different experiences with medications.

None of the medications(lyrica, cymbalta, etc) for fibromyalgia have helped me. I am currently on Mobic 7.5 and Flexeril and I have noticed some improvement. I also take ultram when needed.

Now I say that because I also have severe osteoarthritis in my knees, spine and shoulders. The Mobic, flexeril, and ultram work on the osteo to some degree, but don't do a thing for deep muscular pain, headaches, IBS, etc... As a matter of fact nothing works on those issues.

It is always best to ask your doctor why they are prescribing the medications they prescribe. You can ask 10 different people about their experience with a medication and you're likely to get 10 different answers.


January - January 17

Hi Ken, You mentioned you had IBS. I think this is an indication you might have celiac disease or a gluten problem or a food allergy or some sort. I tried a gluten free diet for pain, and it helped. It took a year to kick in, but then my whole body got much healthier than it had been, and the inflammation markers in my blood normalized. To be gluten free and have it work though, you have to be completely gluten free, not just an occasional user of the diet. Also, you have to make sure your medications do not have wheat, oats or gluten fillers -- or whatever you are allergic to - in them.

Best of luck to you.


lousings4u - June 17

Mobid kills my stomach, it does help the all over pain,,but I cant take it because the stomach pain is intolerable,if your stomach can take it,,then by all means it does help the pain,,Best Wishes



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