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Mobic isn't working
6 Replies
Jessie - March 19

My doctor has me on Mobic. I've read that it's primarily an arthritis medication. I'm not really getting any relief. What kind of pain relievers make life more bearable for you all? I don't want something that will end up hurting my stomach and I'm not opposed to herbal or home remedies...I just need some help. Thanks.


Jean - November 27

Antidepressants, tramadol, talwin nx are just a few. Ask your doctor for the ones right for you.


Renee - December 8

I take Celebrex for my osteoarthritis. Seems to help my fibro also. I also take Lyrica and flexiril that seems to help.


Jean - December 11

Hi Renee: Be careful about the Celebrex, I think it was taken off the market and then put back out. This drug is questionable to me. Theyu also have arthrotec whiched heped me in the beginning until I was unable to take anti-inflammatories because of this condition.


Teddi - December 15

I have found the only real relief I get is from soaking in my hot tub. If I soak for 20 to 30 minutes, it relaxes my muscles. Any more than 30 minutes and it seems to make the pain worse.


Jean - December 16

That is a good question. I am taking Talwin NX because I can not take anti inflamatories for the osteo I have in my lumbar region. If you are in pain tell your doctor you need something and if he doesn't there are pain management clinics around that you can be referred too be a rheumatologist. I think that will be my next move. Doctos do not like to prescribe opiods , which are control substance but can help in debililtating pain.


Leslie - March 19

I too suffer from debillitating fibromyalgia and had given up hope of ever finding relief. Medications didn't work at all. I read about trigger point injections and mentioned it to my PC physician. She referred me to a Rheumatologist and I had my first shot about a month ago. I can't tell you how grateful I was that I finally found something that took away the pain. I've had shots in my back, shoulders, hips and knees so far. My pain has been reduced by at least 50%. I would highly recommend discussing this option with your doctor. It's not a pill and relief is almost immediate. Best wishes.



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