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12 Replies
tbanks - May 26

Has anyone heard of taking methadone for the treatment of fibromyalgia?


Mindy - July 9

yes i have heard of fibro patients being rx'ed this is also a very cheap medication


shana - May 25

alot of the doctors at kasier are treating fibro patients with it i have not gone on it


Lisa - May 26

Yes Methadone is a great medication for Fibro when taken properly, because see methadone has a tendency to build up in the body, and u have to be careful not overdose on it. A lot of doc's are scared to prescribe narcotic's for fibro, but when all else has failed it seems to be a good last line of defense. Good Luck


markATL - May 9

I take methadone. The official dosage is 10mg 3 x a day but I take 20mg in the morning and no more after that. Narcotics cause insomnia for me. I also take 2 7.5 hydrocodone in the morning as well but none after that. The methadone is what saved my life. It is the only pain med after trying many including the fentanyl patch that worked in the long term. Good luck.


beecindy - October 19



Noca - October 30

My doctor offered me Methadone but I refused. Id rather have Dilaudid and Hydromorph-contin (not available in the USA).


kariered - January 1

I am reposting this. I just posted it as a comment to someone else's post on pain. Then I saw this one.

I just saw this post and I wanted to comment. My fiance has had FMS for 2 1/2 years. He's had severe, awful, awful pain, couldn't get out of bed, go to work, much less function normally. He did the pain management specialist thing for about a year. There was so much crap to deal with when he was going to this doctor. He would build up a tolerance to the meds, then we caught his own brother stealing his meds as well as a friend. It was a mess. His pain dr did leave him without medications more than once and he did go into withdrawal. He was in bed for over a week solid. It wasn't pretty. Other drs accused him of lying about his pain just to get meds. I knew the man before this horrid pain began and I know him after. I remember going with him to the pain dr his first time and crying to the dr to help him--that he wasn't the same person anymore and couldn't live life like a normal person.

I made it a point to read up on FMS as much as I could. I was in a used bookstore and came across a book called "The Chronic Pain Solution Your Personal Path to Pain Relief" by James Dillard, MD. In the book it talks about methadone being a very effective painkiller for people who easily build tolerance to opioids/have trouble with them. You can get methadone in a dr's office too. The book describes a patient who went on methadone. Because she went on methadone she had much less pain and was able to get up and do things, get moving. All of that helped her pain too. Over time she was able to get off the methadone and take less and less painkillers, but the methadone helped get her started.

My fiance has been on methadone now for almost a year and it has helped him tremendously!! He has been working and has hardly missed any days, and he can function much much better.

I know methadone has a bad association because it was originally made for drug addicts. But methadone has been studied more and more and is a great painkiller. You also do not get "high" from it or loopy (if you have the right dosage) like you would from a pain pill.

I suggest reading up on it, try googling it sometime.


snowflurree - February 11

I have tried Methadone, but have to only take it when the Vicoden and Fiornal aren't helping me on a bad as Methadone gives me a bad migrain. I have migrains a lot but I will always get one within an hour of taking the methadone. I get the migrain with Dilaudid also. Anyone else have this headach problem after taking the methadone?


Noca - February 20

snowflurree all opioids can cause headaches/migraines as a side effect. Kinda weird since they are supposed to treat pain but they are the worst drugs to take for a migraine or headache as they actually cause them. The headache/migraines are dose related though. Too high of a dose and youll feel the pain in your head. Even higher dose of the drug and youll feel chest pains(a sign of OD).


snowflurree - February 28

Thank you for that info. I was always wondering why that would happen to me after taking those meds.


shaybaby90 - November 14

I get headaches all the time now , when i take my methadone and through out the day, i was talking to my family doctor about getting a botox treatment to relief the pain of headaches and mingrains i havent seen the doctor for botox but ill let you know how it went... this is in canada


Maggie G. - March 5

What a great post! I was diagnosed (finally) with Fibromyalgia a few months ago and had been taking Vicodin 5-500 4-6 x's a day every day for over a year for my pain!! My Nurse practitioner added Elavil, which made no difference in my pain, and then I decided that I just couldn't go any higher on opiate pain meds , as I am fearful of addiction/abuse because I am a recovering alcoholic, and past pill abuser. I decided to go on Methadone on my own, and what a difference in my pain levels it has made!! Recently, I have also started Lyrica, and I am currently at 150 mg at bedtime. I had to stop Trazadone, Imitrex, and the Elavil (Amitriptyline) ,.. but trading 1 med over 3 others is worth it!! I had withdrawls for 2 weeks, and I am having sleep problems again, but the Lyrica will be inceased monthly un til I am at a place I am sleeping OK again. I am now OFF Vicodin,..YAY..and I am ready to start coming down/off the methadone. Methadone saved my sanity , by addressing the deep muscle pain, and the Lyrica is addressin g the nerve pain. I also have chronic Shingles and
Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis, which is another Auto Immune disease that affects my b lood vessels and creates terribly painful sores that take months, even up to a year to heal, after a flare up. .. In closing, please believe someone who has been misdiagnosed with unbelieveable pain for many years, Methadone works..for me!!!



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