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ccc - August 24

Super sensitive to meds. Any suggestions on something not as strong as hydrocodone but better than tyelonol? I have been offered every pain med and anti depressant under the sun but want to get a real life referral from someone going through the same as me. Thanks. Can't be foggy since I have to work and function.


Pikespeak - August 24

Do you take a sleeping med? Once my sleep improved, I found less need for pain meds. I take Lunesta (for sleep) after having a reaction to a generic Ambien. With your sensitivity, your doctor can request that the pharmacy only fill the prescription with the name-brand drug. Bio-Freeze is a good topical pain reliever. I also like Voltaren Gel for my lower back/glutes, using a very small ammount, as it is a NSAID. See if your doctor will give you some samples to try.


January - August 25

I agree. Voltaren is good on joints if you can handle NSAIDS. I used a tiny bit twice a day, and I had to quit because my stomach is so sensitive I started having problems (thank you Cymbalta).

You could try cutting up the hydrocodone and taking a smaller dose. You could try lidocaine patches, or some other kind of pain med in patch form - I think some folks use fentanyl, but I have no experience with that.

I'd be careful with the antidepressants if you are sensitive. They didn't help me with pain, and they have a lot of side effects and complications. Gluten free diet helped a lot of my pain. I also take SAM-e and I think that has helped a bit with pain.

But… it depends on what's causing the pain and what type of pain it is. If you can find that out first you might be better able to tailor a program and use drugs that target YOUR pain.


Noca - September 5

Tramadol or Gabapentin.


wldthng4u - September 13

Both Tramadol and Gapapentin or Neurontin seem to work a little, along with the Voltaren topical gel. The Gapapentin seems to be the cheapest option. I am working my way up the dosage chain right now.



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