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Rachel - October 7

Hey guys. I am new to this forum. I am having a massive flare up this week. Sometimes when I get bad, my doctor gives me a Medrol shot and/or gives me a Medrol (steroid) pack. Maybe if some of you haven't tried this yet, it may be worth it. I usually get the shots because I have no side effects and no weight gain like on regular steroid packs. I also used to take Paxil CR, but went off of it when they pulled it off the market last spring (although I know since then it has returned). I am scared of anti-depressents because I gained 80 lbs on regular Paxil, but was able to lose 40 of it once I was on Paxil CR. I also have tried SEVERAL other anti-depressant drugs but have had really bad side effects. I take Motrin 800 (although this flares up the IBS side of things if you take too much), Flexeril, and sometimes pain pills (although I hate these too because they are so energy draining). I also give myself shots of Imitrex for migraines. Here is my current problem: my doctor suggested going back on the Paxil CR, which I have more energy off of it, but he thinks it is best since I am having off-season/no-stress flare ups. I hate anti-depressants because they are hard to lose weight on or cause weight gain and make me even more energy deprived. Now that you all know the short story of the drugs I take, can anyone suggest an anti-depressent they have had a lot of luck with or possibly even another treatment? I find massage therapy works too, but it is expensive and can actually make me worse if I am already sore. Thanks for reading!


Jean - October 7

I've been on remeron, the side affect to it is weight gain but I haven't gained any weight and that's all the side effects I know of. I've been doing good on it. I've been on it for 1 year now. This antidepressant is given to people who can not tolerate the others side affects.



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