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medications and fibromyalgia
5 Replies
grumpy - April 1

Does anyone know if taking kolopin really helps with the fibromyalgia? And has anyone taking the drug called xanax? Does it really help to relax the muscles to relieve some of the pain and stiffness?


Mindy - June 14

I have taken both Xanax and Klonopin. Xanax is highly addictive and if you stop taking this med cold turkey without tapering from it can be very harmful to you and it doesnt last long in your system. klonopin on the other hand is less addictive because it stays in your system much longer like almost 24 hours which makes it not needed as much. i prefer the Klonopin because it helps to relax tight muscles and also helps you get a good nights sleep. but that was my expeience on it but everyone reacts different to different meds.


Teri - December 11

I have severe anxiety & take the xanax xr, (24 release) and it'the best. I took the other xanax for years, and it was great for the 2 hours it works, but I like to wake up relaxed personally.
It's cured me!
Nobody will perscibe it though. One dumb resident I got sent to took me off cold turley of vicodin, the highest dose of xanax, and baclofen, and they ALL have withdrawl. Xanax , my new Dr told me can kill you, like alchohol, but not heroin. I had siezers and was hallucinating in emergency room. MAKE SURE you have a GOOD dr.
Good luck, let me lnow. Teri @ [email protected] if you have any questions. I've taken everything possible for 15 years so if you want to know, ask me, ( or if you have a good dr of course) but some of my Dr's MADE me take things with bad side effects, so I like to ask people who have actally taken it.
Good luck to ya, Teri


Jean - December 12

Hi grumpy: I take klonopin for restless leg syndrome that occurs with Fibromyalgia. I seem to be having very good response to it. It also helps you get a good night sleep. This medication is used for myoclonic type seizures, in other words muscle spasms in the same muscle groups so it relaxes them. Some antidepressants are addictive and I would be careful as to what you take. I am on Remeron and so far there have been no side affects with me but in some people can gain weight but if you are monitored every month the doctors would know if this was for you or not. SSRI's in my reading tends to worsen the Fibromyalgia symptoms in some people. I started on Paxil and It just made me very anxious so you will have to work with you doctor to find the right medication for you. Flexeril is also good in relieveing muscle spasms.


Marie Anne - March 30

I take Klonopin and Cymbalta (anti-depressant). Klonopin helps me sleep and Cymbalta also help cope with the pain.
My fibromyalgia has been much better.
I also see a Chiropractor, he helps me.
I take the lowest dosage of Klonopin and have not increased the dosage in 2 years.


dana - April 1

xanax does help, but i would advise taking it only as a last resort, it is highly addictive, and then you need more to do the job.



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