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Medical Marijuana
109 Replies
Jocelyn - April 24

I agree with all of you. Although, I have never smoked Marijuana or cigarettes, but aunt came down with cancer, her treatment were so severe that the put her on Marijuana. She told me that without it she would have never made it through the treatment. She was lucky and cured from her cancer. Let's face it, some of the other drugs that are given to us, are potentially more dangerous than pot! I can't see why this drug can to be prescribe to people like any other drug.

I wish you all luck. I will never smoke because of severe allergies, but I have on problem with helping their own help with untraditional medications like Pot. After all, it was many years ago that my aunt was given it for her cancer.


conniehurts - September 16

Anon in Alaska pot is legal to use with or without an rx but there is a weird quirk. You can grow a certain number of plants for your own use but cannot buy, sell, or transport it with or without rx. The quirk is that you can legally grow more without an rx than with it! It also depends on who catches you with it local, state or feds as to what the penalty is.


conniehurts - September 16

MsIvy I have good days, bad days and worse days. I have access to pot but don't use it even tho it is legal in my state because if its the wrong kind I get a severe headache. It is only normal to think that somehow we are not as "good" as we used to be when we often cant get out of bed without help! Luckily I have the best of husbands who supports me in good times and bad. Without him, even with major pain killers, I don't think I would survive. This evil thing we call fibromyalgia takes on so many different forms in so many different people that its hard to know what will work or not for each person. Sometimes my hair even hurts, others its mostly my shoulders, hands, neck and back. I cant even cook or clean anymore so working is out of the question but because I chose to be a stay at home mom I cannot get any disability benefits. I just do the only thing I can most days and that is to hold the bed down and keep it warm for my wonderful husband :-) Gentle hugs and Peace to all Connie


dorret - February 13

Yeah, I am in Oregon, and pot is legal here now.But its not cheap by any means.I used pot early in the '70s, but I had bad effects,,so I quit.I hated losing my memory.They have OIL made from pot,that you apply to painful areas,I don't know if it works.I am glad you have an understanding guy,Connie, that's rare.I am so angry at the medical profession, don't they KNOW ANY THING about what to do for fibro? All the advice my dumb doctor gave me does not help! WAS THERE FIBRO AROUND IN THE PAST? OR is this a new, modern illness?Do they suspect pollution?Is there any research that HAS FOUND OUT WHAT FIBRO WAS CAUSED? I had a very stressful life, does that ever come up? Does this website have any medical answers?Please let me know. thanks!



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