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Medical Marijuana
109 Replies
DanielaFox - June 1

Fibromyalgia patients typically experience body wide pain, but they must often take multiple drugs for other symptoms, which can include difficulty sleeping, restless legs syndrome, depression, and anxiety. However, marijuana may treat multiple symptoms, and some patients are seeing results.

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DanielaFox - June 1

It seems logical -- why shouldn't fibromyalgia sufferers try marijuana for their symptoms, if they live in a state where medical marijuana is legal?


DanielaFox - June 1

But marijuana is bad.


Canada17 - June 1

Marijuana is not bad and I take offense to your comment because I am working so hard for the "right" to legally obtain and use the only medication that has been of benefit to me without incapacitating me or sending me to the hospital! (And I live in a country that has a medicinal marijuana programme) Attitudes such as yours make the process all the more difficult and I shouldn't have to fight for pain relief that allows me to continue to work everyday. Where do you draw your conclusion from that is is bad?

It is no different than ANY drug prescribed to us for our pain and associated symptoms/conditions. Actually, that's not true, it is different, it is a naturally occurring medication that requires little to no processing before administration which has been used for thousands of years as such (save for the last 70 or so years thanks to prohibition). It also has fewer side effects/adverse reactions than most prescription drugs.

Perhaps you have marijuana confused with cigarettes, which are bad. Or maybe heroin which is also bad.

By your conclusion I would say that you don't treat your fibromyalgia at all, you must not take anything for your pain, or any other "perk" that fibromyalgia provides you. This must be the case because marijuana is bad by your standard, but if marijuana is bad then every other drug for pain is worse.

Or is your attitude towards marijuana based on your moral principles?

By the way, sun tanning is worse for you than taking marijuana to treat your fibromyalgia.


Noca - June 1

drugs r bad mmkay?.... right..


kentucky girl - June 2

I may not qualify to comment as I live in a state that does not have medical marijuana. However, if I did live in a state that permitted use of medical marijuana, I would probably try it. I have been so desperate for relief from the pain that I would probably try anything that would relieve it!!

I don't think we should close our minds to alternative therapy, nor be judgmental toward those who use medical marijuana.


haolegirl - June 16

Marijuana is non-narcotic and is the only thing that really relieves the most intense pain. It also puts me to sleep, and settles my nausea, and carries no serious side affects.
To anyone who is concerned about it being an excuse to smoke.. well, are you a pothead? Does it rule your life? Are you doing it to be cool? My boyfriend (who doesn't smoke) holds me accountable on useage.
I also found a doctor who can advise me and make it legal.
For God's sake, don't be deterred by the stigma. Listen to your body and do what's right for you.


Canada17 - June 18

AMEN haolegirl!!


Noca - June 19

To those who smoke it, are you able to function cognitively while on it? I tried it again and it simply makes it impossible to think and do any academic work while on it.


Canada17 - June 21

Noca, it really depends on the quantity you smoke, and the strain. It does also depend on how long you have been smoking for.

For example, I have been using it to treat my pain for four and a half years, I smoked it recreationally before that. When I smoked it in high school, to get high, I smoked way more than I needed to and definitely wasn't clear of mind.

But, I used it for my pain all through my college programme and obtained honours when I graduated. Didn't hurt me there at all.

I smoke a little every morning before work and have no problem working. It actually helps me concentrate better because I'm not in so much pain.

If I take too much, like with any medication, I definitely feel the effect, but those effects usually subside after about a half hour or so.

Try less, use a pipe or a dug-out and only take a couple of puffs. You really don't need a lot to gain the benefits it has to offer. : )


Canada17 - June 21

One other thing. Some people have no tolerance for it at all and cannot tolerate even a little bit. That goes for any medication though. I can't tolerate anything except marijuana, so I've learned what my limits are through trial and error and stay within them.


tooolgrl - July 11

My name is Sandra, I just wanted to jump in and say that mj is the only thing helps my pain. I smoke a little bit in a glass pipe and first off I get a bit high, but that wears down and the real effects of lessening the pain kick in. Gets rid of the awful nausea as well. I know it isn't for everybody, but not everybody can take traditional meds. So I think it should be offered/suggested by the medical community at the very least. I live in Maine and the state is currently undergoing the preparation to open up dispensaries in my area. For now I rely on friends as sources. It is so ridiculous that it is illegal. Alcohol abuse is certainly more of a problem than marijuana abuse. The worst side effect of cannabis is wanting to eat...For those of us plagued with nausea that is a welcome relief...just my opinion...Sandra


tommythecat - September 12

It is the only thing that helps me survive this. I get nothing from my Doctors as there is nothing that they can give me that doesn't have horrible side effects or exacerbate other symptoms of my CFS/Epstein-Barr and stomach problems. They are all potentially very dangerous too. Cannabis is totally safe when used properly and not abused.
It took a lot of time and research to find the strains that worked well. The best for killing pain and keeping me awake are the diesel strains, particularly sour diesel and red diesel. At night I go for Black domina crossed with afghan kush, or vanilla kush or OG#18. I have brain fog from the illness, with marijuana I can actually concentrate enough to learn and create and work a bit. Without it the pain is too distracting and I am too tired to think properly. I went a month without it when I was in hospital and it was horrible. I had no withdrawal, but all the symptoms of my illness were impossible to get away from. It isn't legal where I am, but my doctor approves, as does my Member of Parliament. Getting it is not easy though, especially medical quality. Very hard to come by.
But I wholeheartedly recommend it over any of those other horrible dangerous poisons that I see people recommending here. Anti depressants? Zoloft? Methadone? Oh my god, it's unbelievable. Try something safe and natural like cannabis first, before resorting to dangerous poisons like those.


Canada17 - October 1

There was a small study recently published out of Montreal, Canada. It proved that marijuana does relieve pain. Though it was small, it was a double-blind placebo controlled study (considered the gold standard in medical studies) so the results are very relevant.

They were even able to show that consuming small amounts provided relief without making the patient "high", which is fantastic. It goes to show that people, like me, who take marijuana for pain relief aren't using it as an excuse to get high. It's no different than my mother-in-law who takes Oxycocet for her severe back pain.


Fay54 - November 19

I am now 20 years old and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia earlier this year after suffering with this since mid 2007. Before this started I was in my senior year of high school full of life on the top of my game. When fibromyalgia took a hold of me I ended up having to give up going to school for a home tutor, everything I had been working towards went down the drain. I did manage to graduate on time with my class by some miracle. I now have no life. I can not work nor do regular things. My symptoms on any given day range from severe widespread pain, exhaustion from no sleep at all, severe deppression (since my life is now gone), anxiety, and stomach irritation.

I have been perscribed every pill possible for "treatment" of fibromyalgia. At any given time I am on at least 6 pills a day if not more when they are changing my meds due to ineffectiveness or bad side effects. I live in Arizona where prop 203 has just been passed by voter to legalize medical marijuana. I have never tried it before but am seriously considering it now. I just want my life back, at this point I would even settle for half.

So thats my story. Had to vent since no one I know can even imagine what I go through every day. Any advice or comments are always appreciated.


January - January 17

It's brave of you all to speak up for medical marijuana. I think it should be legalized. Anything can be abused. But the proper use of marijuana for things like pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia and other things, even asthma - is surely better than many of the potent pharmaceuticals with their awful side effects. Marijuana has been used for centuries, in various cultures, as medicine. Read the internet forums, and see how many people get relief from just one or two small tokes of marijuana. It makes no sense that it is now so severely criminalized, while useless and much more dangerous drugs, with documented health hazards, like alcohol (cancer, brain and liver damage, and addiction) and tobacco (cancer and severe addiction) are still readily available. It's hypocrisy. We all need to speak up more and change the laws. I've never seen a marijuana smoker go crazy for a "fix" like a cigarette smoker does!



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