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Medical Marijuana
109 Replies
reducedmypain - March 25

I lived in Canada for over a year where Medical Marijuana is used for pain. It helped me a great deal. I was walking and my pain was reduced a great deal. Now I am back in the states where I can't (safely) get it and the pills I take are NOT helping. Med Marijuana sure helped me.


Lisa - May 7

I ahve many Fibro friends who need to smoke it, and it does work, not for all but for most.


David - May 25

I'm a rare case. I'm a 23 year old male who was diagnosed at 15. I've tried everything and the only two things that I have found that work are acupuncture and marijuana. I smoke daily and it has taken me from the point of being on disability to leading a fully functional life.


Lisa - May 26

It works on some people. Unfortunately, there is hardly a doc that will prescribe it for pain. It is natural, and when used the right way it can be a god-send. It helps with sleep and the nausea that some people get from their other med's. If it works, smoke it. Just be careful, as it is still considered illegal.


Brandy - July 16

I'am 26 and have fibromyaliga and arthritis I have tried marijuana for the pain and to help me sleep I have found that it is very helpful and I don't feel like I'am in a total fog, when I take the pain med. I feel like I'am in a total fog. I sleep like a baby and the pain is reduced.


Dan - September 1

Yes, in 11 states. It works wonderfully for me howbeit illegally.


Zen Jen - September 15

Marijuana has been the only thing that has helped me escape the pain of Fibro. The only time that I get depressed is when I feel like crap for weeks on end.


Adreanne - September 15

Yes smoking a little in the morning and at night help me through the day pain free.


Adreanne - September 15

I destroyed my knee playing scoccer, and my shoulder surfing swimming and water polo, I have had pain from when I was 13 till now, 25. and have tried all, Flexril helps me to sleep, but pot makes me hurt free. I have been smoking medical(its 60 to 80 dollars an 8th,) for about a year, and I can get out of bed.


jonqui - September 17

for me it makes the pain worse. cannabis has always had the effect of making me feel anxious, and pain more intense, unless i smoke together w/ taking pain killers - the few that work for me - in which case it helps increase the effect of the other meds.


patenaude2 - August 16

marijuana smoked in moderation does relieve symptoms of anxiety and stiffness associated with Fibromyalgia. I also use marijuana to get going after suffering fatigue, also marijuana lets me eat what i want and i sleep like a rock.
It is key to eat and sleep when suffering with this ailment.


rodfarva - September 3

My mom has fibromyalgia along with CFIDS. She doesn't currently use marijuana for the pain but i have mentioned it to her. For some of the people who say it increases their pain, it all depends on the type of marijuana you are eating/smoking. There are two types of marijuana categorized between what is called an Indica and Sativa. Sativas are the type that get you "high" and Indicas are the types that make you feel more "stoned" and have more of a body buzz. Indica is what you want for pain. There are also alot of crossbreeds out there with for example 50% sativa 50% indica in their genetics. Alot of people categorize marijuana as one specific thing with a specific effect, but when there actually a huge variety of different strains with a broad range of effects. As far as marijuana having a direct effect on depression and serotonin levels is not true as long as you are not totally depending on it and forgetting to lead a healthy life in other areas. Based on my use and knowlegde of cannabis, i believe it could be very beneficial to people with fibromyalgia and CFIDS such as my mom. The key to using cannabis as help, is to not look at it as something that is going to solve all your problems but something that it is going to get you through the day, day to day, and help you lead the balanced and more fulfilling life that you wanna live.


wingshadow - September 5

I have a friend who swears by pot and hot tub, I tried both the hot tuib works the other just made me hungry and sleepy but there are studies that report awesome pain relief from it, I used to work in a hospital and one doc gave all her terminal cancer patients thc tabs.


ldhadh - September 15

How can I get some? I cannot find ANYONE in my area to get it from. I want and need pain relief BADLY. I take Ultram, klonopin, neurontin, zoloft and robaxin...and still hurt like a MOTHER!! Someone please help me!


ldhadh - September 15



bobmedmj - February 17

Getting access to medical marijuana can be problematic if you do not live in one of the states that have legalized the medical use of cannabis. Americans for Safe Access provides a forum where patients within each legalized state share information on cannabis issues. If you do not live in one of the states that have legalized the medical use of cannabis, you may find help by contacting groups who are working to get the laws changed. In any case try posting your question here.



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