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Medical Marijuana
109 Replies
SirAchesAlot - September 17

Is marijuana ever prescribed for fibromyalgia? If so, does it work, or is it just an excuse to smoke?


ANON - May 12

Yes it has been prescribed for fibromyalgia as a chronic pain. Personaly it helps me alot. It helps alot with the buring and coping with the other pains with FMS. :)


Shane - May 13

What country were you prescribed medical marijuana. I heard that only 9 people in the USA were actually given marijuana for medicinal purposes, not confirmed.


ANON - May 14

Legalized medical marijuana use: in Alaska | Arizona | California | Colorado | Hawaii | Maine | Maryland | Montana | Nevada | Oregon | Vermont | Washington. Alot more than 9 people. Where u heard the 9 people was from the ferdal program that doesnt allow any more to there program. Just do a search in google you will find alot of information. :)


amilehigh - September 22

I am a registered medical marijuana patient in the state of Colorado for chronic pain (fibromyalgia). I can assure you that there are many more than 9 people legally using medical marijuana to treat this condition. There are numerous groups around the country providing legal refuge and very good medicine. Do your research online and you will find a varitable cornocopia of resources.


Friday - October 3

I am a recovering cancer patient as well as an FMS patient. In my experience, marijuana does nothing for pain relief, although it did help me with nausea during chemotherapy. Marijuana can actually make chronic depression much worse, and since depression and fibro often go hand in hand, I wouldn't recommend it.


Kelly - October 4

I am an FMS patient, and it works wonderful for me. Although i havent been registered yet. It helps me when i have nausea and it helps with the chronic pain. I DEFINATLEY recommend it. :)


CJ - October 28

I've found it to be extremely beneficial in relaxing very tigtened muscles and severe fibro pain. Nothing else the dr. has prescribed has worked as well as Marijuana. (although I do not have an Rx for it or am registered anywhere) I had a major meltdown last night. Was in severe pain, having anxiety issues due to pain and was just crying and at the end of my rope once again because the fibro has ruined my formerly active life. My husband filled a pipe for me and in just 2 tokes, I was calm, relaxed, my muscle tension eased and I was asleep in about 20 min. I had a restful nights sleep for the first time in days. I had been struggling with marijuana use, but now, I know that it is definetly helping, I think the struggle is over and I will turn to this more. Besides, its not nearly as addicting as the percocet and klonipin that I've been prescribed that isn't working.


br - October 31

It does help but I am still struggling to work and so I cannot due to random drug testing. I take the percocet, Elavil-when I can since I am a single parent and cannot just sleep half a day, anti-inflamatory, and Zoloft. Compare the fact that I take all of these drugs to feel good enough to function to the use of marijuana for pain. I do not not see much diffrence. I have been told by many people that it helps with nausea, pain, sleep disorder.


ls - November 1

Marijuana helps me with multiple symptoms. I have FMS, IBS, arthritis, depression, etc. I'm on a lot of prescribed medications, but marijuana helps the muscle pain of FMS much more than the Ultram and Flexeryl I am prescribed...even Vicadin does not relieve the kind of pain I experience. It also helps with the nausea caused from the IBS symptoms.....and in my case, the marijuana helps to keep me awake because the antidepressents I'm on cause me to feel groggy all day. It lifts my depression, and stops the pain-depression-pain cycle that people in my condition experience. I also can focus better, and can accomplish more during the day, instead of sleeping the day away. I've been smoking for 30+ years (I am a 50 year old female, living in the midwest), and even with societal pressure, I don't intend to quit. The only reason I feel paranoid while "high", is because the area I live in is way right and conservative, and I just don't fit in.


Renee - December 8

Medical marijuana law was passed in Arizona but there is very few doctors that will prescribe it because it is still illegal by federal laws. A lot of states that have passed it are still waiting for the federal government to make a decision(don't hold your breath) because of this a lot of doctors won't prescribe in fear of federal charges.


[email protected] - December 9

what if you can't stand smoke; is there a pill or should we just bake some "special brownies"


Jean - December 11

Like I said before the goal is trying to feel better, whatever works for you may not work for the other person. I think personnally I have misgivings about marajuana because I think it can also cause other factors to occur with Fibromyalgia in a later time as far as how much has been used and how long. I don't recommend it but I also know about the pain and suffering so you do what you think you need to do and if it is under doctor supervision that's helpful.


mica - January 17

I tried it as one will try almost anything when in severe pain. It helped my mood but seemed to make the pain worse. Good Luck and blesings.


laura - March 10

Ive had fibromyalgia for 4 years. I have been on every kind of pain killer imaginable, and I must mention that I have ended up in the hospital for taking them. Fibromyalgia is real! I have tried marijuana for the first time after doing much research. I personally have found it impossible to smoke. I have never smoked anything in my life, and the first puff I took was terrible. I coughed so hard that I vomited. But what did however work was eating it. I found that all the spasms stop, I was relaxed for the first time in 4 years, and I got a solid 11 hours of well deserved sleep. In my oppinion, marijuana is a safe, effected drug, and when taken responsibly, can change your life, or in my case, give me my life back.


Sara - March 23

I used marijuana for years for pain, stomach issues and stress...but it is limited and then there's the "being high" issue. I personally have enough brain fog as it is. My stand on it is if it works take! You know your body best.


reducedmypain - March 25

I lived in Canada for over a year where Medical Marijuana is used for pain. It helped me a great deal. I was walking and my pain was reduced a great deal. Now I am back in the states where I can't (safely) get it and the pills I take are NOT helping. Med Marijuana sure helped me.



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