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Magnesium Supplement for Fibro
5 Replies
supagirl - September 10

hi there was just checking the drug section and it doesn't mention magnesioum supplements which are often used here in australia for muscular and nerve probs. also tends to relax you a bit. cheers and all the best, supagirl


Stacey373 - September 14

Hi! My doctor recently put me on Magnesium Oxide. I bought it at the pharmacy (not a prescription). she said it was to help nerve and muscle problems. I deal with constant headaches and she thought the magnesium would help me with that. So far, I haven't noticed anything different...but I'm sure taking the vitamins can only help!

It seems like a lot of people on this forum take magnesium and Vitamin B. Don't know why they wouldn't have this info in the drug section. Stacey :o)


rbonita - December 30

Dear Stacey,

It does take some time until you feel the benefits for me it took a couple of weeks... bbut then again... fibro is not the same to everybody... do what it works for me it may not work for you.


dlrjdg - September 20

I take Magnesium gel on my skin. I really haven't noticed any benefits, but I take it when I remember to. I also have adult onset type 1 diabetes, and many diabetics are supposedly in need of more magnesium. I was hoping it would help give me more energy.


January - September 22

Hi again dlrjdg! Just answered your post about mold. This is an old post I haven't seen before. From what I've learned, magnesium is not well absorbed from the GI tract. My pharmacist checked this for me - and told me that most doctors prescribe Mag. Oxide. She went online, and came back, stunned, to report that Mag. Oxide is NOT well absorbed, a chelate is better. So I have been taking Magnesium Threonate from Life Extension - it probably helps, as most of us have magnesium deficiencies, but i don't notice any huge difference! I should go back to keeping a journal though - that's the best way to know for sure if something is working.

There was some discussion on the general thread about magnesium gel, or transdermal patches that delivered magnesium. Maybe the same as taking a bath in Epsom salts, which is a time-honored remedy. Apparently magnesium is well absorbed through the skin. Maybe you should keep trying with your gel - or perhaps try a different brand, or try the baths.


DanaLynn - September 5

I take magnesium and increased my dose slowly to not upset my intestines. I got immediate help with my intestinal moment was much better making bowel movements less painful. You can also mix Epson salts and water with a hint of lavender oil in a spray bottle. Mist your body before your shower and let absorb, then shower as usual. Foot baths with ES works too. I currently, do not take baths. I also take promethazine for the nausea, which has stopped the weight loss and constant stomach upset. I take extended morphine 30mg x2 and Oxy 10mg x3.



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